Eye colour fields

Have any of u gotten results from maitreyas eye colour fields? barely anyone listens to them on yt, or at least they don’t comment results, and there’s not much ratings on gumroad, was just wondering if anyone has gotten full results because I’ve got the boosted blue eyes field.


I listened to one of her eye color change fields for a little while. Because long ago I tried to change my eye color using hypnosis. My motive was that if I could make a change that impossible, then I would always be reminded every time I looked in a mirror that literally anything anyone said I couldn’t do, I could do.

After a few days of Maitreya’s eye color change field, I could tell my thinking was changing, my personality was changing, not in huge ways externally, but plenty internally. I was beginning to match up more with what the anecdotes say a person with that new eye color thinks like.

They say the cornea is an extension and representation of the brain so you can see how someone thinks by looking carefully enough at their eyes. You might have to be an iridologist though.

I stopped after a few days. It wasn’t a very conscious or deliberate decision. Just something in me didn’t feel like continuing. That something may be the same reason why the view counts for her (and other field producers’ channels) on eye color change videos are so low. People sense a hesitation to undergo a large change to their personality and to who they are.

On one level it may be a literal change to their thinking. But it also may just be not wanting to let go of who you know yourself to be. We’ve accepted our eye color as part of us; part of what makes us who we are. And who really wants to change that? It’s even more true for those of us who like who we are because of the decisions we’ve made regardless of the outcomes.

But if anyone wants to use it to break through that invisible wall of what’s possible, I have the feeling that it will work if used consistently.


My problem is already lack of results, I plan a complete remodeling of appearance, but it never works and the results are few, the most I have achieved in a long time was a change in the eyebrows and slightly lighter hair, at some point I gave up because I don’t know what else should i improve on myself to get more results, i still want to try again, but only when i’m sure it will work.

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I saw on a thread somewhere here, that someone was playing the blue eyes field 24/7, like all day and in his sleep, and after 2 weeks he got thick blue rings, he has light brown previously. I haven’t gotten much results yet, but I was listening to a bunch of fields so that was probably hindering my results lol, I hope to see some results now that I’ve cut down on the fields.

Also I was using quadibles amber eyes field for like 2-3 weeks I think, so I don’t know if that plays a part in me getting slower or faster results. But one thing I can say tho, is that my eyes definitely are lighter. I used to have dark brown eyes, but now I can see my pupils lol. I’m hoping that the blue eyes will come at least before the summer ends.


I used the field for “hazel eyes” just to test it and I got results, my eyes are lighter now, I want to clarify that they are not hazel type yet, which is to be expected since I only heard the field three times. So, it works!!


thanks bro, im hoping to get blue eyes results soon enough.

I also saw something similar.

then is the QI better to lighten the eyes? What do you think of the eye color change mandalas? @DarkMatter @nebula @Atreides @Komorebi

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I still haven’t tried out mandalas yet so I wouldn’t know, but everyone seems to love mandalas

I can’t say much about QI’s work, I tried some of their audios but their energy was not compatible with mine so I stopped listening to them. I think the results are not really all about who is the best creator, but how much resistance the listener has.

I haven’t heard of them.

Blue eyes take most time to get them, but if you are constant. :slight_smile:


will the blue eyes lighten your dark blue eyes?