Get Fast Blue Eyes

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This audio is programmed to change your eyes to blue color.

In humans, eye color is determined by the amount of light that reflects off the iris, a muscular structure that controls how much light enters the eye. The range in eye color, from blue to hazel to brown, depends on the level of melanin pigment stored in the melanosome “packets” in the melanocytes of the iris. Blue eyes contain minimal amounts of pigment within a small number of melanosomes. Irises from green–hazel eyes show moderate pigment levels and melanosome number, while brown eyes are the result of high melanin levels stored across many melanosomes.

To date, eight genes have been identified which impact eye color. The OCA2 gene, located on chromosome 15, appears to play a major role in controlling the brown/blue color spectrum. OCA2 produces a protein called P-protein that is involved in the formation and processing of melanin. Individuals with OCA2 mutations that prevent P-protein from being produced are born with a form of albinism. These individuals have very light colored hair, eyes and skin. Non-disease-causing OCA2 variants (alleles) have also been identified. These alleles alter P-protein levels by controlling the amount of OCA2 RNA that is generated. The allele that results in high levels of P-protein is linked to brown eyes. Another allele, associated with blue eye color, dramatically reduces the P-protein concentration.

On the surface, this sounds like the dominant/recessive eye color model that has been taught in biology classes for decades. However, while about three-fourths of eye color variation can be explained by genetic changes in and around this gene, OCA2 is not the only influence on color. A recent study that compared eye color to OCA2 status showed that 62 percent of individuals with two copies of the blue-eyed OCA2 allele, as well as 7.5 percent of the individuals who had the brown-eyed OCA2 alleles, had blue eyes. A number of other genes (such as TYRP1, ASIP and ALC42A5) also function in the melanin pathway and shift the total amount of melanin present in the iris. The combined efforts of these genes may boost melanin levels to produce hazel or brown eyes, or reduce total melanin resulting in blue eyes. This explains how two parents with blue eyes can have green- or brown-eyed children (an impossible situation under the Davenport single gene model) – the combination of color alleles received by the child resulted in a greater amount of melanin than either parent individually possessed.

You can use headphones and speakers. We recommend speakers so it can affect your whole body /subconsciousness mind/.


Just so your aware the YT version is half as short and updated to a 2.0 of sorts where the gumroad boosted version is the old one. Just a heads up wouldn’t want someone thinking they got the short end of the stick. :+1:


Has anyone tried this over longer periods of time?
If yes, what have been your results?

I’m using the boosted version off Gumroad going on 4 days , here is a starting picture of my eye color.


Isn’t longer better in this case? And I assume the YT version is not boosted. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Im trying this out with Reality Shifter and Reality Note and with Atomic Tap to mega boost the energy there of. Love Maya Ruler as well. Portia the 4 of these combined, whew. game changers. all the best. I had blue eyes as a kid for 7 yrs straight and I was super pale too, love it and so now Im going for this again with the help of the above. energy definitely follows intent.


Give intent to Maya Ruler to change the eyes color. Make it with playful energy and mood.


How goes it?

Maybe a little lighter but not a drastic change yet.