Extracting high energy traumatic imprint

Any suggestions for extracting high energy traumatic imprint i recived on ayahuasca + peyote ceremony. Me and shaman got knocked out and while being unconscious high fractal energy imprint happend into my subconsciousness. I ve had it with me for 6 years. It feels like part of me is stuck in that dimension and i can’t operate fully normaly in present reality. I need to gently extract that traumatic imprint and was hoping for your suggestions. Thank you


Talk to Brenda.

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It’s really important to learn things on your own instead relying all the time on others, especially when it comes to spirituality and energy work.




I said this because she is an expert at dealing with very difficult situations, which sounds exactly like what you’re dealing with.


Just looking at site, must say i am interested. What tool would you recomend?

I will try contact Brenda.

Are you asking about the tensor rings at TwistedSage.com? Buy whichever one calls to you. The energy of the items is in the pictures, so your soul will know what you need and you’ll feel drawn to what you should buy.

Best of luck.


Thanks man

Trauma and Incident Clearing by Maitreya

Shamanic Medicine Blend by Sapien
(includes bushman medicine field and trauma clearing field)

Just checking in to let you know that I’m curious to know how things work out for you, whether you work with Brenda directly or you decide to start working with the Tensor Ring tools (or both).

Let me know how things work out, okay? I don’t want you to keep suffering…

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Sina Kia is also good, but he has disappeared. Thomas Sweet who does the Intention Repeater stuff could also help you


Phyllis Light at lighthealing ( google these exact words) could and would help you tremendously. I AM so new to this site that I dont even know if this is ok to post this here.I AM NOT selling anything, only sharing out of giving a damn and compassion, the Man asked for additional help,this is one of the main things that I know that can and will get such a job done is all. BTW I defintely am planning on getting The Trauma,Incident& Limited Beliefs Mandala as well as 'Heal and Recover from the Gaslighting BullSh*t" stuff,Mandala. I Know thats not the actual title,but close. I Have both of them Logged for purchase in two weeks ,again Im new here and sincere. Respect.