Establish emotional connection

I would like to apply for suggestions which DMs or files could be useful for me.
I moved to another country 8 years ago. I would like to establish deeper emotional connection with the country, feel its historical roots and traditions like people who were born there. I am trying to study the language and bought some DMs for that but I need also something else to feel that I am at home now and I am quite satisfied with my life and environment. I have no idea which DMs or fields could help me. May be if I learn the language I will have better prospects and have better job that will satisfy me and better life style. And that is not just money matter, I must be able to grow, to develop myself, to feel fullness of life and to be happy here.
But I am sure there are may be some other solutions.

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Hello Tatjana, your request sounds like its suitable for a custom field. What can be helpful is cutting cords and energetic connections to your previous country so it does not pull you towards it constantly disturbing your appreciation of the current one. Also some knowledge and energetic understanding of your current country. In addition some more specific to you changes can be made according to your personal needs and emotions.


I never thought of this, but it seems wise.

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Hello, Vega,
Thank you for your suggestion. However I am afraid to cut the cord connecting me to my previous country now. I will prefer not to cut completely all my roads back home. I am not so brave and decisive. May be it is my problem. Or I would like just to try to cut this cord temporarily with ability to restore it later if necessary if I do not succeed.
I have some guesses based on DMs descriptions. May be the following DMs could help me:
1)Fullness and wholeness
2)Focus on now
3) Close the door of the past
4) Copier v3 Subconsciousness Reprogramming or v2 or v1 (may be v1 is enough and it is the cheapest one!)
5) Solffeggio Frequences (to heal my root chakra, i had a serious injury in that area)
Will any of those DMs be useful for my situation?
I understood that you recommend me to use the custom-made solution.
Do you mean Maitreya (I did not know that it is possible to ask her for paid solutions)?

When we cut cords for places you lose only the attachments. If you had loved your home - this will stay in future also. Also, when we cut cords for towns/places - the lessons that we had to learn there fall apart from our shoulders.

For example, I was born in a town in which the collective energy learned me about self-boundaries.

Now we have released such mandala in store, so if you decide - you can try it.

Again, cutting cords doesn’t cut your love.