Energy audios causing weight gain

energy audios cause me to gain weight, belly gain being more direct, whatever theirs, any ki shen and jing audio cause this, I have 2 options, or do energy audios and I have energy and fat or not I do it and I don’t have energy, other fields cannot replace this need, testosterone or hormones, nor release energy blocks, it’s not just me, my friend is the same, is anyone else in this dilemma?

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what comes to mind is to workout and play fields to shred fat?

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I’ve tried it, but it makes weight loss much more difficult as well.

When you are working with much energy this is a normal effect. I mean, without resting. It’s important to ground yourself. Did you see some monks with those big bellies? Haha

I am fixing this with lots of grounding, water and nature.

1 hour a day of walking barefoot on the ground corrects many imbalances and if there is much more energy in my body that should, ground takes it away.

Btw. this works for people who struggle with weight loss and stuck emotions.


Could you please make a flat belly small waist to counter this problem please Maitreya?


Maitreya, does your Grounding field help combat the belly issue and rid the excess stored energy?

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Do you have the same reaction to physical supplements ?

Use sapiens grounding audio 5x a day and you are all good…that one is just out of the world…or make an item with it and wear for an hour…


Use a lot of grounding, clear second chakra and boost first.


@Maitreya i think im also experiencing the energy work and gaining belly issue,

is the grounding mandala enough ?

also i dont have any fields which targets the chakras, should i get the
-chakra cleansing mandala-since you mentiond to clear the second chakra ?

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Nature, gallons of water and sleep. Grounding DM might not be just enough.
I use this: DM: Energy Balancer

@Polaris sadly theres no grass/ground kilometers around me, the mandalas would be my best bet and reduce field usage

about the energy balancer ,is it okay to have the field connected to me 24/7 ???

Do you have any plant or any pet?
That could help too.

so i tested this one using the emitter , added always on , moments later i can feel my belly expanding and becoming hard to breathe, so i removed the -always on- , the field is still in my usb with the optimizer

even browsing the forum , ican feel pressures in my body, so i can only browse for a minute or so

i dont have pets cant handle their :poop: :poop: :poop: :sweat_smile:
there are plant in my neighbors but they are near their fence

im curious about this one, but im kind of afraid that when i work with chakras i might also unlock some new problematic things.

now that i know the issue, it seems i can only use fields when they are in the emitter with optimizer and reduce food intake together with walking to reduce my belly ( current size is 44 inches but my arms and legs are normal size for my height , stupid of me for not noticing my belly -_- )

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That’s interesting. Your energy sensitivity increases, and that’s why you experience more physical sensations.

Sometimes, weight loss during energy work will bring suppressed emotions to your attention, whether you want it or not. Shame, guilt, regret are often linked to “I want to hide behind my fat” and rooted in childhood.