wat is a drug that can really like numb u out thx

pranayama and meditation - then life becomes a drug

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What are you numbing out?

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i found the drug PCP

now we are getting the picture… why would you want to do such a thing?

lmoa thats not a drug it is poison hahahaha

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wat u mean man im trying get out of reality

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you could loop emotional release from dreamseeds

see the plot thickens!

numbing will not take you out of reality

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not posion dammit and yea lol im useing anthros intetion repeater to make pcp tea and other ones it safe dont worry

okay I can see you have it all figured out ill leave you to it :slight_smile:

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yea g anyways thx for info though

Ha ha ha! PCP? I have heard of it, but I would not try it though. I heard PCP can be really dangerous.

I believe smoking tons of weed triggered my ascension. One of the side of effects of doing certain drugs is that they can trigger spiritual awakening and synchronicities. I don’t smoke it anymore though since I don’t need it.

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Im so glad I stated using the ignore feature on here.


This actually calms me down

(and much more pure than intentionrepeaterstuff)


nice thx man

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If you really want a drug-like state try it with highdosage mstate gold (sapiens also has one)

But you gonna feel a lot, especially the old traumas


shitt ok will try

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