Does planetary alignment and such have an affect on luck?

I’m trying to understand why, despite the use of mandalas and such, I encounter occasional and very sudden moments when something pretty crappy happens and I have to put some work in to get me back into a place of decent/good fortune.

(Playing Sapien’s Probability Alteration audio overnight tends to smooth things out the following day, when stuff like this happens. And so does me using the Subconscious Connector and Reality Shifter and restating luck and abundance-based affirmations with visualizations.)

Anyway, so some annoying problem with no immediate fix came up at midnight with my roommate waking me to tell me about it – it affects us both, and it leaves me with a lot of unexpected stuff to do in the coming hours. Interestingly enough, the rest of today went very smoothly and pleasantly, so I’m scratching my head a little as to what brought this on. Part of me says that maybe it’s just a random thing, but I’m not sure I believe in randommness anymore in light of all these empowering tools we have at our disposal. Maybe I’m wrong.

Might this be something that manifested due to some natural fluctuation in the otherwise pretty stellar luck I’ve been experiencing lately? Can one experience bad luck if they’re living with someone who is kind of a magnet for it, or is one immune to someone else’s bad luck if they didn’t directly manifest it? Are misfortunes big and small just an inevitable, inescapable fact of life regardless of one’s best efforts?

…and lastly, am I making sense? It’s almost 4 AM here, so you’ll have to forgive me. Gonna consult the ol’ Reality Shifter to try and manifest a quick and easy-peasy solution to this problem of mine. I’m sorry if it’s a silly question, I’m just trying to better understand how the universe and my relationship to it works.

Thanks for your insight!

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Yes, the energies of the planets will affect the luck you experience. Beyond that, I’m not sure what to tell you about your situation…

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No worries - it’s actually helpful to realize that planets can both make good things happen and mess around with someone’s life a bit. I’ve been so focused on what’s in my control and what I can do. But I guess there is a limit on what can be controlled. :Ic

Sounds kinda of belief, you can change it for a group of beliefs like “people around me get more lucky everyday”…“luck always follow me in any situation”… And so on …

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That’s fair, I’ll give it a try. I’ve given up on trying to ask the roomie to stop saying things to the effect of , ‘why does such-and-such always happen to me, never a moment of rest, etc etc.’ That shit is a self-fulfilling prophecy, sometimes, I swear! The subconscious mind is always listening.

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Some teachers manifesting will say you, dont try to force your current view (like in this case saying to the person to do something), instead just change inside of you and things will change alone…

yeah, give it a try


There are a lot of names people call it, some call it blocks, traumas, but I usually call it imprints, if something happened to you once, and it’s deeply etched into your soul, this thing will inevitably happen again, even if it is in another life, we will only get total freedom and free will when all of them are removed, lack of success and various things can be due to that, another problem can also be hereditary curses.

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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to weigh in. :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate it!

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