Attracting overthinking from others

Ok, a bit of a strange question here, perhaps unanswerable without knowing specifics, but what does it mean/say about me if I unconsciously attract an anxious overthinker into my presence?

I absolutely hate conflict and drama, not interested or comfortable with it. (For context, my pops was - and still is - a narcissist in the verbally/emotionally abusive sense, so I grew up in a fun, walking-on-eggshells environment.) My life has been mercifully drama free for a good while, though, which I owe to awesome mandalas and morphic stuff. But I dug up my old Sapien tags today and put the Plasma Flower tag on on a whim, which I haven’t worn in months… and then something happened that also didn’t occur since the last time I wore this tag.

Someone I know who I don’t speak to super regularly came up to me and shared all these thoughts from left-field that plainly reveal they’re assuming things about me that aren’t true, etc. They seem to be worried that I might’ve had a problem with them or I’m assuming the worst of them when I had no thoughts in my head until now, when they created a situation out of nothing. I seriously thought this was settled and over with the last time I spoke with them months ago, when I told them that everything is fine because it was, and to trust me when I say that, etc etc.

Anyway, what I’m trying to find out is this: Is it pure coincidence that this awkward social situation has happened, or is there no such thing as coincidence in the universe?

All I want is to go about my life in peace, lmao. Not liking this feeling as if I have to now be Super Careful lest someone is to misinterpret something I say or do. >>

I have my Chameleon mandala on and everyday, I listen to Sapien’s ‘negate negative planetary effects’ audio, so those have been pretty great.

edit: Just had a tiny chocolate edible and the worry and discomfort this episode produced is totally mellowing, heh. Right on.

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If you said this also happened the last time you used this mandala, please note, if it keeps happening there is definitely something behind it.

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Honestly, after today’s weirdness, part of me is like… maaaaaaybe I’ll just keep that Plasma dogtag in my drawer for the rest of forever, lmao. Or sell it off someday. As it is, I haven’t been doing much with it. Ever since I discovered Maitreya’s stuff and had great results with her Chameleon mandala, I’ve been much more drawn to her work than Sapien’s. Just clicks better with me, I guess?


Actually, I might as well ask: what are some good fields I can use to repel potential drama-mongers, stop gossip or obsessive thoughts anyone might have towards me and/or get them to chill in my presence? Assuming there’s something I’m not already using.

In addition to the chameleon, I also have the get along mandala I keep on me.

Sorry for bringing this back from the dead, but you know, I’ve been listening to Maitreya’s cord cutting audio recently, and this same person hit me with an email out of the blue. (For a recap, this is a person who keeps making assumptions about what folks think and feel, and is restating they just want to be friends, even though we never were in a relationship and I never expressed any interest whatsoever.) I wonder if they subconsciously sensed me sawing off our energetic connection like a madman, lmao.

Anyone else experience this kind of thing where you try to cut someone off with a field and they come back after some time with a vengeance?

…I was really enjoying the peace and stresslessness while it lasted. :V

Yes, the same happens to me.

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