About Luck Concept

What would be what we call luck?

For example, I play a game called Genshin Impact, it’s a gacha-like game that relies heavily on luck and rng

My question is what is the factor that makes some people very lucky in life?

Is it something spiritual? Using the game as an example, there are people who always get what they want very easily, even with the feared “low pity” and 50/50 While others suffer a lot.

I’ve tried many audio and fields, but it never works.

The most I can get is a temporary luck that lasts only once. How can I get constant luck?


I believe this book explains it better than anything. Luck is an amalgamation of states such as gratitude and groundedness and others. Each of these states means you are aligned with reality on a deeper level than the mere visible or tangible or physical.

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Do you recommend a field or mandala for good luck too?

I tried two from Sapien but it didn’t work

Law of Attraction in general is very difficult for me

I don’t know if I have a blockage or problem and I also don’t have the money to pay a professional to solve it


Domino Effect has gratitude in it as well as other elements to assist in manifesting.

Butterfly Effect is very good for manifesting in my experience.


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You might have some unhelpful beliefs keeping you stuck. For example, you believe that you don’t deserve to be lucky, or that something bad needs to happen first before you’re granted one lucky event.
A good exercise to do is to imagine lots of lucky stuff happening to you one after each other and to notice how you feel about it. Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Sceptical? Sad? Those are clues that it might be limiting beliefs holding you back.
Highly recommend the “Domino effect” audio or mandala (as @Atreides mentioned) because it releases negative beliefs and emotions to do with manifesting.


Luck comes mostly from gratitude and love which are high vibrations and you are receiving and receiving and receiving endlessly. When you are in such states you attract everything that you want, people for your path, relationships, and even material things. It takes some time and conscious work and effort to re-write your mind in this wave, but totally worth it.

I suggest you use fields which are making you happier and things will go very fast.