DMs not working

I have the following DMs:

The Doer
Concentration and Focus
The Art of Utilization
Limitless Study
Speed Learning / Reading
The Entrepreneur
The Field Broadcaster

I’ve used them for several months now, but after evaluating improvement in them, there’s no improvement. At the begining the doer, made me work faster. But it stopped.
Also, I just noticed the Field Broadcaster if coupled with the Doer, doesn’t allow me to sleep.
But everything else, it’s just not bringing me towards change yet. What could I be doing wrong?

I have the DMs printed and use them interchangeably, at most 3 at a time with the Field Broadcaster
(Originally I had all stacked on top, but supposed I was overloading it)

Any suggestion?



  1. Inner Resistance Dissolver
  2. What is the main thing you are chasing? The fields are tools that help you to reach the things you want more easily. The Entrepreneur will help you to have this mindset, but you have to get the idea working - open your company, etc. In what part you are struggling?

I haven’t used Concentration one but confirming the Inner Resistance Dissolver is what finally allowed my erratic mind to stay focused on studying. But you still have to conciously make yourself do it


Originally I was trying to be productive in my job, which is in a Start-up company.

  • I knew the path towards solving challenges we face in the way to communicate, but required lots of reading, concentration and work to put everything together.
  • But I was going very slow, so I lost patience and credibility from my colleagues and boss. Then was moved to another project, as I couldn’t prove what I was doing, because I haven’t done it before
  • Then I tried to do a side project (becoming an entrepreneur), so I can prove, what I wanted to do. But now I can’t find the time, and the proper order of things. Also, there’s too many interruptions.
  • The new assigned project, is very different, but also requires me to learn lots of new stuff and do lots of research (looking for information, interviewing people). There’s days I feel lost. And I just can’t advance enough… So again, the perception people has of me, is going down. I was promised a continous raise (because of my original negotiation), now they believe, I don’t worth that, and no more pay increase.
  • Now I’m looking to change my job, but still, can’t find the time to do it properly.

I thought, an entrepreneurial mindset, learning more, faster, using everything I know, working hard and focused, would allow me to tackle most of my challenges, but hasn’t happened.

I’m stuck, it seems with all my career. It’s like there’s a ceiling for my economic growth, whether as a top employee, as an entrepreneur, or looking for a great career.

So “Inner Resistance Dissolver” should make it?
What’s the major difference to SBR3?

What would help me?

Thanks Maitreya.


The thing I sense is a lack of commitment and holding a lot on security.

Time is also related to the brain - how you perceive it. Not finding a time for something you want can show some protection / or fears. There can be fears of failure or thinking you can’t handle the new things / or something like this. I think Inner Resistance Resolver will get rid of these and also you can meditate on the things I stated. If you put your intention to the field to release these blocks, it will happen faster, because it has a target to chase.

Adding you few more suggestions that you can listen if you want:


Thank you very much. I will use them all.

@Vaterland have you noticed any progress since the suggestions ? Share with us.

Your Higher Self might want you to learn something if changes haven’t happened yet. Or you can have some sort of blockages. I would meditate with mandalas and try this:

And meditate with the intention to remove everything that stops you.