DM: Domino Effect Booster

Some people will say that the most effective way to get the things you want is to believe you already have them. This is especially common in the Law of Attraction. But it can be difficult to pretend you have the things you want, when you don’t yet have them. This is where this field comes in to help.

With this booster, you will become hyper-vigilant and perceptive to all the results and positive things/results that you have already manifested or acquired. You will start to see all the positive effects and results of your fields, beliefs, thoughts. By increasing your perception of all the positive things you are manifesting, you will then start to attract more of the same - this creates a domino effect of manifestation and getting faster results.

This field will also increase your gratitude for all the things you already have. By noticing all the things you have manifested/acquired, and feeling gratitude for those things, while also having the belief that everything you want is already on its way to you - you will increase the speed and results of all your fields, affirmations, thoughts, and beliefs. (This field has protection from negative thoughts)


This field will be released in Youtube in a few days.


This looks really great - must buy!


Thank you so much for this wonderful digital mandala @Maitreya and Team! This is absolutely perfect :heart_eyes: I bought it immediately :purple_heart:


You know what also would be awesome is to add remove all disbelief, impatience and resistance to the desires.


SO GOOD! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you explain how you use it, i cant seem to get to any effect?

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I would pay $1,000 for this DM. This feels amazing and fills me with so much appreciation and thankfulness.

Buckle up! This one is going to take you for a ride!

Using it with Subconscious Resistance Dissolver, Connector, and Infinite Repeater


Do you just activate it and then you manifest?


I don’t activate it, just keep it on me.

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If some field doen’t work instantly - activate the Subconscious Resistance Dissolver and the blocks will go away.


Does the subconscious resistance dissolver mandala need to be activated, or is it always active while carrying it on you?

Desgined this one :slight_smile:

Note that it does not need to be activated, it’s always active


Awesome! And thank you for designing this amazing mandala! :purple_heart:


Cant find Subconscious Resistance Dissolver , do you mean Inner Resistance disolver or SBR3?

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This DM feels incredible. My heart is filled with so much appreciation that it is almost unbearable. I don’t know how to describe it, it feels like bittersweet heart ache when too much love is present in the heart. I’ve felt this when I was a kid, and now I’ve got this long forgotten feeling back. It feels so awesome.

Very underestimated field!


That’s exactly what I felt as well! You’re filled with so much appreciation for every good thing that happened that it feels like your heart is filled to capacity with love and gratitude that it almost starts to hurt :blush:


I just carry the Inner Resistance Dissolver along with other DMs since this works automatically from its description without saying ‘activate’. Any clarification is welcome.

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How is it working, ??
Have u printed it or using on Mobile wallpaper ??