DM: Virtual Node Point Booster

This field boosts the effects of each of your mandalas by creating an energetic connection to every other copy of that mandala on the planet - each of your mandala’s strengths will be boosted and amplified by the energy of everybody else’s, and vice-versa. Think of this field similar to “seeding” in peer-to-peer file sharing - as more people host the file, it makes the download faster for everyone. The more people who use this mandala, the stronger all of the mandalas will become. Your results will be faster and more immediate, as more people use this booster - and using this mandala will amplify and speed up everybody else’s results as well.

Includes an auto-limiter, to prevent energy overload from field amplification. Excess energy will be automatically released and sent to everyone else (with this mandala) who needs it, and any excess energy after that will be grounded. This field will never overload your system or have a negative effect in any way.

Important Note: this field is creating an energetic cord to the energy of other mandalas and fields - not the people who are using them; so there is no risk of creating energetic cords with other people. Lastly, this field works with individual fields/mandalas, Field Storage Creator items, and the Field Manager.




@d.b @NotFrank

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@lucas what do you think?


I think it’s…enticing.


Can this work with non-maitreya fields/mandalas?


Nothing so far…

Designed this one. Haven’t ever seen any boosters like this so it’s more of an experimental(?) one. Keep in mind it will become stronger and more effective as more people use it.


nevermind ii found it

When i first saw this my first tought was:

oh pls do not connect me with the other person?!?!

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Time to get this, we need your 150+ mandalas!


yeah I thought of that, don’t worry lol

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Bought! Programming it into my Mandalas Manager and will start “seeding” tomorrow!


I wish the programming of new mandalas into the Mandalas Manager wouldn’t take so long. 3 hours is a long wait for a few additional mandalas.

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I didn’t realize people were keeping track of how many they have…

I just counted mine, and between all my stuff I’m currently at 256 items linked into my Mandala Manager that I know of. But, I’ve linked mandalas, sigils, dogtags, tensor rings, Judy Hall’s crystal card deck, audio fields via the Field Storage Creator…I’ve been linking lots of stuff.


Obviously it was meant as a joke O.O

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Does anyone feel that energy through Mandala Manager is slightly different/more regulated than carrying the mandalas directly? I seem to notice this, especially with the Three Treasures mandala. When I carry it directly, I can feel energized, but when programmed through Mandala manager, not so much…

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I don’t use the mandala manager so i cannot say anything about it.

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Did anyone noticed a change while adding this mandala?

It was more subtle but i feel like the energy has been refined and integrates now a bit better with the node.


Wondering the same thing