DM: Unplug from EGREGORES

Thank you, I see the description of the mandala.

But I asked a slightly different question, not related to the mandala.

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Sorry, my mistake.

This field DM: Harmonia Sphere has some of those qualities that work for all living beings. Egregores are made from living beings, too.


I got this dm this morning and started using it immediately. The clarity of mind is really surprising and refreshing, it must be this field. I’d describe it as like a very cleansing energetic shower.

My country is a socialist country and there is this mentality that “the nail that stands out must be hammered down” so everybody is covertly opressed into this state where they cannot really be themselves because it goes against the idealogy where everybody is expected to act very similar. To be able to disconnect from this egregor and to be immune to it is really amazing, can’t express enough how good it is. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: It’s like starting to first time feel being free from the suffocating energetic chains.


Could a person e.g toxic parent be an egregor that you had been connected from childhood that still affected you negatively energy wise as an adult?

Parents can influence an individual, but they are not egregores. In fact, your entire lineage has an influence. This is most evident among tribal people (not individualists) who are connected to the matrix and patterns of their lineage.

This is especially true for individuals from troubled families, where, for example, the father abuses the mother. The child loves both parents equally, but when there is violence against the mother, out of loyalty, the child tries to protect and save her. Thus, on a subconscious level and into adolescence, the child may assume the role of the father archetype, becoming not just their mother’s child but her protector—as a man. All of this, of course, operates on a subconscious level, as do other patterns.

Egregores are a much more potent force, but truthfully, it’s easier for a person to detach from them. An egregore is created by a group believing in certain things and is fueled by this energy.

For example, there are egregores of Germany, other countries where the person is born, egregores of the poor, the wealthy, soldiers, etc.

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