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Hey, time breaker is a smart mandala, i noticed it automatically plays certain field at certain time of the day without me interfering. Just my observation :smile:

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Guys, if I use time breaker on USB with field emitter and mandala manager, would that mean field emitter and mandala manager both get transferred to the past, and if so, how would/does that affect me?

Time Breaker transfers fields to the past. You receive fields in the present and in the past.

It will take less time for you to synchronize with the field. By sending benefits to your past you change your present, you support yourself.


Yes I understand all that, but I am speaking strictly about the impact of sending mandala manager/field emitter into the past, or does time breaker ignore those fields if I place it on USB?

It will send all of them.

Would that negatively impact me in any way? I’m just trying to understand how field emitter/mandala manager would interface with me in the past. What if there are some mandalas I had on me back then I didn’t want in use, etc. or if there is nothing to manage/emit, then it doesn’t do anything?

Sorry for the questions but I just want to understand the mechanisms behind this complicated field.


You send all fields that you have now to the past. If they are fields that you don’t want to send to the past, create a separate folder for Time Breaker.

For example, you are 30 years old and want to send ten fields to your past, starting from your 20s. Fields work on you now, and all from your 20s till now. But! One day here, is one day in your 20s + one day in every day between 30 and 20. Simultaneously. Linear time doesn’t apply to energy.

By using Time Breaker, you affect yourself energetically. So your 20-year-old version gets fields, and it is better to start slowly. You might overload yourself.

So here’s the thing.

I already used the time breaker, on a USB with a bunch of fields, twice , for a few hours. But it didn’t occur to me it would also send the field emitter and mandala manager into the past, like say my child self received those fields … Would that cause any sort of damage? I also had field optimizer though, so hypothetically maybe any negative effects were blocked off?

I was a little reckless and didn’t think it through. So that’s why I’m here now lol

With the Optimizer no need to worry. You’ll receive fields at the correct and suitable age.

Plus, this field will not go with a full power:

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Does the Time Breaker have potential to work differently for different people based on their understanding of time?

There may be a difference in a person’s experience over time, but not a very significant one, because the Laws of the Universe have been used in the creation of the mandala, which governs this illusion, so they will make changes regardless of the individual’s perception.


Question here

So I already have a stack with 4 fields, let’s say I don’t want 1 field to be transmitted anymire, so I just take it off from the stack and it will be done?

Or should I say activation word every time there’s changes ?

Or should I deactivate everything and remove the field I don’t want then reactivate back?


Just remove it from the stack, and it will no longer be sent to your past and present.


Thank you :pray:t3:
Such a relief lol, I removed all of them and slept like a baby , nervous system needed a break

The more you work with the energy, the more sensitive you are. This is quiet beneficial: DM: New Earth Nervous System Activation Codes will help you to adapt to big shifts and your small, too.


Thank you!!

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if i want the exact fields to work 24/7 at the current time. How long will it take to achieve 100% power capacity now if I just activate the time-breaker?


For you, it will go with the full power from the start. If you’d want to send this to your little self, it would work with, let’s say, 1% there and 100% now because you are expanded and can handle that. I highly recommend not sending any fields to your childhood apart from Unconditional Love and some protection fields. Defo nothing physical. Your HS might even block it.
I have been responsible for my migraines. I had them a lot when I was a kid. I worked on my past too intensively.


Thank you for the answer.

I’ve already done it :)) And I would do it again because I always prefet to have my own experience. I am an investigator :slightly_smiling_face:

If there were a possibility to send fields to past lives, I’m sure it would be very beneficial. By the way, that’s an idea for a new field :))

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Expansion and evolving, I am always willing to pay a price for that, too.

Soul fields does that. Love and Forgiveness, Universal Clearing. You can do it by yourself, actually. You can direct the energy wherever you want, because past, present and future are happening now. It’s not something concrete and stable. So you affect all your incarnations anyway.