DM: Time Breaker

Is it possible to use Time Breaker with Conceptual Thinking from age 18th? or I only can use DM related to emotion ?

If you saw this confirmed by Maitreya, then yes. I can only provide information based on the description as this is the most optimal way of using this.

You can use any field that does not require commands to work with.

you mean DM that has activate/deactivate command @Polaris ?

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Yes. For example, the Subconscious Reprogrammer is designed with commands and for active work and visualisation. Or The Medicine Man, the Body Sculptor.


Just bought it . Activate 2 sublimimnal mp3s along with two brain fields from Sapien from 21year of age. Lets see how it works .

Can we schedule subliminals to run within certain time . For example : asking time breaker to run sub 1 monday, wednesday and friday and sub2 on alternate day. I have one field which I want Time breaker to run from 9am to 9pm. Is it possible ? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. @Polaris @Maitreya

Yes, you can do that with subliminas. Just specify which file/field and when, just as you wrote here.

Do you want to use more fields with Time Breaker or only this one at the specific time? If you want more, then I would suggest creating a separate folder for that field with a separate MM or the Emitter for that. Time Breaker is not like Mandala Manager, it will schedule the year to start with, but I am not sure if this will work like you want.

With a separate folder I would add Time Breaker and this one field you want schedule 9-9 and MM or the Emitter. Then I would command MM/Emitter to activate Time Breaker only 9-9.

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Hey everyone if i have different audios mandalas and texts in my emitter with time breaker. Timebreaker will find the best age to start with from each field or the stack?

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Yes, it should.

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@Polaris do we need MMv2/Emitter if it is just one field. You just say activate and keep the flashdrive somewhere that’s it. Correct me if I am wrong. thanks.

You need MMv2 or the Emitter if you want to keep it in the digital form.

If you will print Time Breaker and the mandala you want to send to your past, then, you don’t need to carry them with you and keep them safe. It only applies to the printed version.
Time Breaker doesn’t have an upgrade that MMv2 has.