DM: Time Breaker

Place this Mandala along with whichever others you choose and it will send those fields back in time, to your past self, starting at the earliest safe age for each field. Each day this mandala stays along with the ones you are transmitting to the past, equals one day of your past self receiving these fields.

As well as each day of this stack of fields equaling one day in the past, each day of the stack will also transmit these fields spread out across your entire past life span up until the present moment.

This means that if you are 25 years old and start using the Time Breaker now, if the field determines that you need it to start working when you were 5 years old, it will give you 10% of the effect it has at 5 years old and gradually start increasing the effects as your capacity to take energy increases as you age. At some point you will be receiving the full capacity of the field, when your energy system is capable of taking it.

If you would like the stack to begin emitting to a specific age in your past rather than from birth, hold the stack with the Time Breaker Mandala in it and say “Activate Time Breaker at 15 years old” for example. The fields will begin being sent to the day you turned that age.

You do not have to keep these mandalas on your person. Put this with the rest in a stack. Hold it in your hand and say “Activate Time Breaker”. Then place the stack in a safe location. Or wear it on you if you wish. As long as the stack of mandalas remains together and you do not say “Deactivate Time Breaker” while holding them, they will continue to be transmitted to the past.

This works the same exact way if you place them in a thumb drive along with Field Emitter.

Do not be surprised if from time to time you re-examine the stack and wonder why you chose it in the first place and think to yourself “I already had these needs met in the past”.

Mandala works only for the person who has purchased it.

DM: DM: Time Breaker - MaitreyaFields


Dammn. This is exciting. I get the feeling I may have already used this. Or am about to. There’s some strange (unusual but positive) stuff in my past, way back. Could it have been fields?


Could you please give me an example of using this DM. Does that mean that I may help myself in some situations in my past? But how will that affect my present and future state?


That has to be a huge mystery. For explorers to find out.

It should.

Just a made up example: Put the Time Breaker in a stack with Adaptive Shield. Think back to a time in your life when you wish you had thicker skin. Say it’s when you were 25. Hold the two DMs together. Or put them in a thumb drive with Field Emitter. Say “Activate Time Breaker at 25 years old”.

That’s it. Put the two DMs or the thumb drive away in a drawer or wherever. That’s all.


It does seem a little complicated, I didn’t design this one but sounds interesting. Personally I would have done something like getting all the benefits/results that other versions of yourself already have, and who have had certain fields longer and already achieved results. So like tapping into the other versions of yourself that used fields for much longer and already got results. The percentages factor with this one does seem to make it a little confusing.


Came back just in time!


I think I am going to wait to get this one. My life is set up for some amazing things and I would hate for them to be rearranged by influencing my past years. For anyone out there that does not innerstand this field here is my take.

As I fully realize the power of revision and use it from time to time I can tell you that this field will alter your current reality. Imagine you did something different in the past due to energetic influence from your future self. This will create dynamic shifts in your current reality. Throwing some wealth energies to your younger self and creating an entirely different path! Now… Only use this field if you are certain you will be okay with the shift in your current reality. This is in no way a field you should use without weighing the factors.

You could lose your current mate. You could lose your current home. You could lose lots of things! On the other hand you will more than likely gain many new things that you may have been interested in but could not achieve without the proper influence.

We are now moving into a new phase of influence that is very powerful and must be used responsibly or it can be pretty detriMENTAL.


wow thanks @Nexus

Same for me, I think things are really good for me now and I don’t want to mess anything up

What new adventures have u been up to?


You got it my man. I am drawn back from time to time for reasons unknown but I had a strong feeling this field is another game change if used properly. Once I get through this next phase I’ll dive into this one and see what it do!


TBH I have been hitting the wealth topic very hard. There is something I manifested that will pop here very soon and it is going to be smooth sailing from there on out. On most other fronts I have been pretty stale. OH… I have been doing some portal work that is pretty crazy hahaha.


This field works only with the Maitreya’s DM or also with DM of other creators?


I want to say that it will probably work with all? Obvi we should ask this but I’m certain for now the fields from Maitreya would be a great boost for our past selves.


Imagine your 21 year old self being influenced by some of the higher spiritual field WTF!!!


I bought the Maitreya dm e also of other creator, so I should know …

Should work.


Atreides, thank you!
However I do not quite understand that. Does that mean that
I would help other versions of myself to be stronger and to cope with life difficulties
I would shift after that into new better reality as if I had the thicker skin in my youth and now I would be stronger or enjoying results of my personal development
It may lead to unforseen consequences?


she did not write the description. this field and the description was from a forum member. the post was in the “Game of Creative Ideas” thread. most of the fields lately are requests


I have no idea is my answer to most of that. But as for the last question - Yes.

I don’t know if we have alternate selves/universes/timelines. This might change your present right now. And your past. But, the crazy part is, how would you know? If you changed your past, how would you know it? You might not. The changed past would just be the past you remember. So as far as you know, it would be the unchanged past.

Maybe we are changing the past all the time, every time we dream or believe something. How would you ever know?

Let’s say you started sending a “get taller” field to the past. If it brought you all the way to or past the desired height, then you might just never have used it in the first place. Never sent it back in the first place. Doesn’t necessarily mean the field would vanish from the past.

On the other hand, imagine this. You gradually change closer to your desired height. In the past. Then one day, in your present you just wonder why you ever chose that field to send to the past in the first place. It doesn’t seem that important to you. Because you are very nearly as tall as you’d ever want to be anyways.

The only evidence you may ever get that you are changing the past might be that you keep finding yourself unmotivated to continue sending fields to the past. Choose only the ones you are most excited about sending back. Then if one day you realize you are fairly lukewarm about the idea of sending that one back… that’s it. That might be the only evidence you ever get. And a very soft evidence at that.

And you might not even remember ever having been highly motivated about sending it back. Just dive in with enthusiasm, and dive out with unenthusiasm. But with gratitude. Thank ____ that I didn’t really need that field in the past… or so you think.


It works with all creators and fields that contain energy.

If someone wants this kind of job can send me a pm.
I need some technical support.


We have made the field with a method in which the person who uses it - doesn’t need to know anything about the time. If someone is on the level in which he can manipulate the time and space - he won’t need mandalas and fields at all.