DM: The World / GY Series

God’s Eyes Series are made to help you see everything as God does– perfect, in the right place and right time. This is a great tool that will release your tension and distrust in life and activate supportive views on you, others and the world. The influence and stress of the modern world is so strong that we forget our inner divinity and the divinity of others.

This mandala will clear blocks that are not related to your divinity and will help you to start seeing the world as God is watching you from his eyes. It’s not related to any religious stuff. This will give back the child a look where everything is interesting, fun, and exploring. It will remove big parts of conditional thinking that people know about nature, trees, animals, crystals and everything else. This is a great tool to start seeing again the world bright, shiny and exciting.


Anyone has used this?

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I just bought it and programmed it into my manager. surprised there’s not more comments on this one. too early to report effects but I will later


I wonder if it helps to see what the whole covid narrative is.

Did you notice any difference by using this? E.g. any childlike wonder or other changes in perception of the world? If so, how long did it last? Is it permanent?

I would have to try it again without any other fields to know for sure, because I use a lot of fields but yes I would say I felt more appreciation and gratitude for things