DM: Beyond This World / GY Series

God’s Eyes Series are made to help you see everything as God does– perfect, in the right place and right time. This is a great tool that will release your tension and distrust in life and activate supportive views on you, others and the world. The influence and stress of the modern world is so strong that we forget our inner divinity and the divinity of others.

This mandala will clear blocks that are not related to your divinity and will help you to start seeing beyond this world as God is watching you from his eyes. For this mandala to work, you need to have already seen the other parts of this series. It’s not related to any religious stuff. This mandala will show you a higher dimensions inside yourself through meditation and will help you to expand your consciousness and start seeing the “bigger picture”. Mandala also includes Ego Dissolution as you can see hardly the large if you are always inside your own mind and attached to your emotions and personal life. Field is made for people who are searching for spiritual growth and have already started to see the illusions of Maya.


Can use all parts together or better the other parts for a while first and then this one later?

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Can be used together, but the effect from this mandala will show after already others are seen.