DM: Myself / GY Series

God’s Eyes Series are made to help you see everything as God does– perfect, in the right place and right time. This is a great tool that will release your tension and distrust in life and activate supportive views on you, others and the world. The influence and stress of the modern world is so strong that we forget our inner divinity and the divinity of others.

This mandala will clear blocks that are suppressing your divine true nature and will help you to see yourself as God sees you. When you start wearing the mandala, you will feel as a divine being, perfectly harmonious, fully accepted and always loved. The mandala has no connection to any religion.


Very beautiful mandalas. I’m curious if you can redeem me. I hope you can rename it. When I download it from the shop, the downloads are only displayed as a number and not with the original title. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Yes, @Sahiela , mandalas names can be changed without to change them. Glad you like it! :blue_heart:



This came at the right time for me!!! This will be very helpful in my current situation! Thank you