DM: The Musician

  • Install the ability to read and write sheet music

  • Install the ability of perfect pitch (identify and re-create any note, melody and chord by ear)

  • Install the ability to effortlessly learn and play instruments (guitar, piano, drums, etc)

  • Increase vocal range and singing ability (better tone, improving singing voice & ability)

  • Improve sense of rhythm and timing (easily identify any song’s BPM by ear, and match it)

  • Improve songwriting ability & creativity, understanding chord progressions & melodies

  • Improve lyric writing ability (ability to write creative lyrics that draw people in and tell a story)

  • Install the skills of professional-level recording, mixing and mastering

  • Remove all stage-fright and negative emotions related to performing, install confidence

  • All music written, sung, performed and recorded will be imbued/infused with the energy of unconditional love, everybody who hears this music (either recorded or performed) will feel love and appreciation for the artist/performer

Additionally added a connection to a Universal law that is related to music. So you can get more insights, also if you want you can ask angels and other spiritual guides to help you with creation of new music, ideas, to give you tones, etc. Whatever you want. Here dont have limits, its up to you creativity.
For abilities to install fully and the whole field, and you can see visible results will take around 1-3 months, depending from what things you have already in your system.


A social skills mastery md like this one:
-knowing what you say in every situation
-never run out of things to say
-overcome feeling overwhelmed in social situations and not feeling intimidated by others
-being a excellent communicator
-great sence of humor
added a connection to a Universal law :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Designed this one :slight_smile: Thanks Maitreya


This is my dream,to sing.But. my voice is not good compare to my friend.Auto buy it :grinning::grinning:


When I have my apartment and sorted out some small problems I will get back to musical composition :notes::notes:.
It’s one of my great passions :blush::heart:.

I will buy this Mandala then


depending from what things you have already in your system

This isn’t over writing the current musical knowledge we already have correct?

It doesn’t overwrite anything, only improves it - and allows you to learn more, faster


Just bought this :+1:t5: Excited to see how it goes


If anyone could share how this field has been doing for them that would be greatly appreciated

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Small update. I’ve been traveling and forgot to bring it with me but some of the effects have already set in. I started with a dry sample and had an idea of how I wanted it to sound in my head. I took it from dry to the idea effortlessly as if the equalizer and other effects had become an extension of myself, like there was a deeper understanding already there.

Install the skills of professional-level recording, mixing and mastering :white_check_mark:


:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::handshake: congratulations on all your results with this product.


Anymore updates on this? I am interested in getting this because I have a music background as an artist but I want to get more into producing too. I’m kinda struggling with music theory & chord progressions though because I haven’t played piano in a very long time. Do you think this can help a person without music theory knowledge too?


I’m sure it would. Based off threads I’ve seen of knowledge installing mandalas, these mandalas will bring you to a point of unconscious competence where things are understood much easier, even topics you’ve never come across. I’ll give you updates on the music theory side of things in a few weeks since one of my goals this month is elevating as a musician.


Oh one for software developer would also be cool, taking into account that the other field downloads programming language knowledge


There is one called “Mathematics & Programming Languages”


Loving this mandala right now. Just recently got home from a vacation and finally got to use this again. With a mix of higher self connection from Dreamseeds I seem to be getting a massive increase in musical ideas, including ideas that are outside of my current genre. Piano is becoming a lot easier to play as well. I used to rely too much on regurgitating scales instead of genuinely understanding what I’m doing but now playing without memorizing scales is getting easier.


it looks very beautiful, thanks for sharing your talent. very inspirational.


Just a small update on this mandala since I had a 2 week period where I pushed music to the side to focus on my mental health. Usually when I take a break that long I have to work myself back into the level of creativity I was at before the break, but with this mandala it seems like all these musical possibilities have been imbedded in me and I no longer have to deal with being “rusty” from a break. I’ve also noticed that some of the musical ideas I’ve been putting into action are very different from what I usually do. It seems like this mandala really breaks down that trap of “my production sounds like this” or “that’s too weird I shouldn’t do that” and allows you to create things you didn’t even know you could. If you’re a musician trying to break out of a genre box, for lack of a better term, I would highly recommend this mandala.


I think this is starting to come more into effect. I was freestyling on the piano over this pad I laid down and somehow I instantly knew what key I was in. Usually I would have to identify the note and then go from there but this time I already knew. At this point all musicians reading my results just buy the mandala :joy:


Since carrying this one, my voice is definitely getting better and better. It’s on my memory card with the emitter, but I also carry a printed out one when I vibe to music and feel like singing. The high ass falsetto notes that most people can’t hit are starting to become effortless.
I also use the Vocal Cords Stimulation by Maitreya which needs to be put on gumroad lol. After that, I’ll play vocal strengthening by sapien and voice improvement by sihg. I think using full body coherence by sapien is also a good idea if you have it.
I do this stack every other day, or when I sing. The improvements are definitely showing.
I would sound and hear myself better if my left ear didn’t sound somewhat clogged like there’s pressure in there lol