DM: Beautiful Creations

Whatever you’re creating (painting, animation, building robots, developing apps/games, woodworking, cooking, etc) it will come out amazing, beautiful, very useful, lucrative, etc. The field will work with your hands and install all this in the products you are making through you. The field is also made to remove the self-doubts that many of the artists and people who are making products have.

There are also installed beliefs for your subconscious to remove all sabotaging beliefs and fears you have that affect your work and creative ideas. This will bring even more attention from other people, as you won’t put any more negative energies inside the stuff you are creating

Other beliefs installed: Abundance beliefs. You can make/it’s possible and you know how to make a profit with your creations. Passive income beliefs.


one day i will buy this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is a really good idea.


Beautiful DM.
Does this work for photographers?
Both while taking photos and then editing?

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Yes, any type of creation



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@Maitreya Does this work for writing as well? Do I understand correctly that when we do something (create with our hands, make efforts), we also invest energy? That is, even text published on social networks or on a portal can carry some beliefs beyond what we can read in letters? Is it the same with any work, product, etc.?

How long does it take for this mandala to be built in and does it change a person’s field on a permanent basis or does it have to be worn constantly? The question is relevant, since the number of mandalas is growing. )


According to the description of the DM it says this works on any creation, no matter the mean or the type.

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It will work on that, too. This field DM: The Author is designed for writing, and I must say, it’s absolutely a game-changer. Words just flow effortlessly.

I can’t answer that. Everyone is different. The more mandalas you use the longer it might take, speak from my own experience.

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Yes, this applies to writing by hand as well as on a computer. The hands activate the program.

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