DM: The Helm of Awe - The Defender

The Helm of Awe is one of the most powerful symbols from the Norse mythology. In the Poetic Eda, the dragon Fafnir attributes his invincibility to this symbol: “The Helm of Awe I wore before the sons of men In defense of my treasure; Amongst all, I alone was strong, I thought to myself, For I found no power a match for my own.” The Helm of Awe is also mentioned in other Icelandic texts and described as a “covering” meaning defense. It is described as a sphere of magical power to protect its wearer and strike fear in one’s enemy. The power of the Helm is centered in the pineal gland and is emanated through the eyes thus it paralyzes and scares the attackers The arms of the symbol consist of Algiz runes, which have the meaning of protection and prevailing over one’s enemies. The spikes that run perpendicular to the arms are Isa runes. Their meaning is “ice”, symbolizing concentration and hardening. In a collection of Icelandic folk tales the use of the sign is as follows: I bear the helm of awe between my brows! Thus a man could meet his enemies and be sure of victory.” In this field, the power of this sign has been upgraded and widened to include protection from psychic attacks, spells, curses, evil eyes, thought forms, and hexes. Fallen beings and deceiving entities from 4D, that lie to you and misguide you are repelled from you. False guides and astral parasites are also removed from you. How to use the field: Use it as other mandalas-printed and carried with you or for a stronger effect, also Imagine the symbol between your eyebrows, on your third eye.



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That sounds interesting. It will make you invincible?


Wow! I’m loving all these mandalas based on Norse and Icelandic folklore! :heart_eyes::purple_heart: The rich history always fascinated me. That and the Egyptian myths and legends


Please share feedback on this one. Anyone.


This field is a powerhouse. Hard to describe what it’s doing. Only been using it for a couple of hours. But I made sure to go out and about in public to get a good idea of how it works around other people. Girls find this level of confidence attractive. Men respect more. My body language shows more confidence.

I’m glad I’m tempering this with Life Coach because I’m not sure but it might be too much without this to go along with it. Or some heart chakra work might do the trick, or overdo the tempering.

Confidence coming through your pineal is an interesting experience. The basically other half of this review I’ll post in the LC DM. I know it’s not ideal to start two new fields at once as far as being able to tell exactly what is doing what but I think I have a fair idea anyways and I couldn’t help myself.


This is the truth.


Amazing. My Dream Creation :heart_eyes:

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It really is. Basically my core program right now and no regrets.


@Atreides some upgrade please?

I want it as my Program as well, and add it to all others that I have.



Hold my beer


lol i think means update, at least seems like Spanglish :joy:

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Lol. Yeah I kind of figured. I’ll update after work. Just had a couple free minutes this morning.

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No I just had to be a smart ass but only in good humor. Real reply on the way when I get home.


It’s the best shield I’ve ever used hands down. A shield that works through the pineal is the way to go in my personal opinion. Because that is the main and direct target of attack by toxic people - how you see things, your perceptions, beliefs, thoughts. It’s the gateway they trespass to steal your energy.

It works. People who try to impose their frame on me fail consistently now. Possibly as much as 100%. I simply feel I have far more freedom to be myself.

If anyone coupled this with Chameleon I can’t imagine anything bothering them ever again. Still, I’d love to use it with the Adaptive Shield if it gets created.

I’m getting better at reading people because when you’re not affected by how people try to make you feel or by who they imply you are by the way they talk to you, you get to look at them and see that their behavior is telling you something about them. Because of this and because of the newfound security I’m considering using “I know you” DM. That’s something I would hardly have considered before. I just may become very very good at reading people. Simply to understand them better, get a better feel for who to avoid and who is potential friend or relationship material. And along with that maybe even get a better idea of how to show myself as good friend or relationship material to someone I perceive as worthy of it. Because then I might understand what they are looking for.

Another reason I may combine these two is that a big part of the formerly experienced pain of interacting with people was from not reading them well enough. If you’re caring or empathic, you get fooled. You treat people the way you want to be treated, you perceive people the way you want to be perceived, you give people the benefit of the doubt, set your default view to others being good. And they love that. They use it. They don’t reciprocate it. But they’ll play nice for a little while, get you to buy in and trust. Then start using that against you to feed off of your energy. Make you feel inferior to them in some way so they can syphon your energy.

But if I can get a hell of a good read on people without it opening me up or making me vulnerable to whatever is in them, that could be a great thing. I’m already doing damn good with just Helm of Awe. But it’s an idea I may follow through on, adding in I Know You DM just to see if it makes things even better.


I can tell you that the chameleon/helm combo is second to none. Each morning I do the visualization of the symbol between my eyebrows for greater effect with the helm. I also use Magnificent presence which I believe is helping me cope with my own personal perspective reactions to others.

Chameleon is enough on its own but helm seems to fill in all the gaps. I recommend the combo for ultimate protection. I have come to the point where I intentionally connect with others to see what they will do lol. These two together seem to make others docile, as if they have no chance to over step their boundaries.

The helm seems to instill a sense of dominance within you, if you have the ability to perceive it. It is not tyrant like but more of a commanding energy. I also use navigator of awe from Sapien in the morning and its pretty much smooth sailing for me throughout the day.

So far this is what I can decipher from my few days of using the helm but I’m sure more will come through. In these times if you deal with the public a lot you need as much shielding as possible. The helm would be the perfect companion on your journeys in 3D.


That was the little push I needed to try Chameleon again. Thanks @Nexus .

Every once in a while I feel like fields combine to create one new field. Not saying that happens. But subjectively it seems to. Adding Chameleon to Life Coach and Helm of Awe, I feel like I picked up a reptile life coach. My thoughts are running very deep now like I’m reasoning things out in theta.

Not sure yet if this is a good thing. But I think it is. Seems to be returning me to the way I thought long ago. Not the things I thought then, but the way.

Trusting your own perceptions more is a part of it. HoA. Or seeing through your own eyes rather than everyone else’s. Social beings that we are. And yet that is leading to more understanding of others.


yup :smiley:

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