DM: Warrior Presence

-Warrior mindset + radiate warrior energy.

-Increase discipline, self-esteem and confidence on a conscious and subconscious level

-Remove all self-hate, fear and limiting beliefs.

-Block shared reality and collective influence on you + empathic shielding.

-Astral katana you can use to kill negative entities, thoughtforms and parasites.

-Handsome, attractive face and aura.

-Make women in your presence and you interact with feel good.

-Strong aura and nervous system.

-Inner resistance dissolver for the above only, for instant integration.


is this only aura

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It says attractive face and aura


BTW, is the warrior masculine archetype included here as well?


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Thanks for clarifying

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I want to buy a mandala to ATTRACT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.

This would be better? or the SAMURAI MANDALA?



whats the difference with this and that one?

DM: Archetype: The Warrior

Archetype: The Warrior

This looks great! Would rather that the effect of ‘women feeling good/comfortable when interacting with you’ was extended to everyone around you, but this is a very tempting mandala nonetheless.


Is this another custom request from @Samurai? It sure seems like it…


This mandala generates respect and social eagerness from everyone around you, not just women it seems. Women just seem to be the more responsive. This is my personal experience.


Well first off, you need to stay committed to whatever other tools your using. There is a momentum that builds up as uial from the sapien forum says. If you stop using tools, you break your streak and loose the build up of momentum and power very rapidly.

I experienced everything it promised in the description, including rapid integration. Be patient and give 30-60 minutes to really start to feel the effects and see results.

No disrespect but when i read the part about you wanting to attract women, I felt a slight tinge of desperation. If you’re even subconsciously giving off that vibe then women won’t be comfortable around you. If you can’t get a woman comfortable then you won’t get the best feedback from her at all.

Do you know why you want to attract women?..and I mean besides just sex or validation.

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It is an area of ​​my life in which I have NEVER had success or experiences.

It is something I would REALLY like to be SUCCESSFUL at.

I am not sensitive to energy. Could this mandala help me?

Thanks for your help.


ok I understand, deep down probably more of a yearning for self-improvement. A challenge to be conquered.

This mandala may indirectly help, as it does strentghen the aura and nervous system. You could also use the astral katana tot possibly clear out any blockages (entities, thought forms and parasites) keeping you from being energy sensitive.

Oh yeah i’ve wondered, how do the normal people use the katana if it’s possible? Do we just “visualize” ourselves using it?

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Warrior Presence and Samurai mandala have katana.

How to use the katana?

I am excited to buy it.


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use it with intention, I visualize myself holding an actual katana and cutting away all that does not serve me. I intend to cut away negative cords, parasites, entities and thought forms. Kind of a fun mental exercise, I’ve been doing this for years anyway, even before having a katana through this mandala.

Before this I’d literally use my own will to set negative entities and energies on fire or simply raise my vibration to the point where they can’t bear to even be near me.