DM: The Chosen

This field has been made to make any audio/energy work from any creator to work only for you and not to affect other people or animals in the house or close to you.

To use this mandala, say "ACTIVATE” in the room, and the person saying that will be the only one to get the benefits from the fields, morphic fields, reiki, or other energetical audios.

The field contains 11 wallpapers in a ZIP file, that can be changed. :slight_smile:




So useful, thanks @Maitreya

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I just bought ! thanks!

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Is there a way to deactivate this?
Say I have company over and don’t want them being affected. When they leave, I want my partner and pets to be affected.
Can this do that?

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It is activated for the whole day ? Or do you have to activate it every time you listen to a new audio ?

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I have recently bought this one as I dun want to interrupt others fields or energy if they do have their own goal as well… however, may this also hinder the effect of the home series? It seems that this will violate the purpose of my sticking of the home series at home… :pleading_face: Would it be possible to have an exclusive conditions to the home series please?

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Does it work with mandalas of other creators?

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Yes, today will make this update.

Yes. Everything from which energy comes.


Thanks Maitreya!


If I use it multiple times, does it take effect immediately every time I open the Mandala picture and say “Activate”? Then close the image file and revert to affecting everyone.

Fell in love with wallpaper n°15!

I have many questions:

  • Are environmentals audio affected?
  • Can I deactivate with my intention without closing the DM on the monitor of any device, right ( also smartphone wallpaper)?
  • Could we use the rectangular wallpapers for the background of the laptop without adjusting them?
  • If I don’t deactivate, its effects will be permanent till it remains on the background or after a period of time it will deactivate automatically?
  • If I use two devices at the same time, do I need to use the DM in both of them?

For everyone who read:
I decided to buy this DM because audios affect all people in the range of 7 meters from the speakers (+ or -). So, listen with care if you can’t stay alone in your “morphic bubble” (also under and over your apartment). Two simple examples: Are you listening to wealth audios? Affect everyone! Are you listening “Alien implant removal” and one of your neighboors with pacemaker is at home? USE THE DM!!! Be aware of what you do. :facepunch:

@Maitreya does this have Deactivate Option?

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Just give your intention to mandala to be deactivated and it’s done.

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thank you

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What if someone else who lives in the same home as me also uses a flash drive with the field emmiter that I created for them? Would that eliminate the effects that the flash drive has on them?

I wouldn’t use the Chosen, then.