Crystal Sensitivity + Booster / Energetically Programmed Audio

This field will make a connection between you and the crystals you have in your home. This energetical bound will transfer all the time the crystal’s energy and benefits to your auric field without the need to carry them with yourself all the time. The audio effect is around 24 hours. Your sensitivity of Crystal’s Kingdom can be increased tremendously and even you have a chance with this field to make a great connection with your crystals and their consciousness.

Included booster: The field will choose the crystals whose effects can be increased depending on what you need and your energy capacity at this moment. Individually it can increase X times the effects.

Keep the crystals in a range of the sound of this field.
You can get a mandala from the store which you can print and put near your crystals, so it won’t be necessary every time to play this audio.

Digital Mandala:


Oh man such great mandalas. People who have crystals will probably buy this mandala. But I will now need to buy crystals to use this mandala, I don’t have any!! :grin:

Thanks Maitreya


So if I place my USB drive with this mandala and the field emitter on it and place it in my bag of crystals and leave the house, the crystals I need most at the moment will activate onto my aura?


Amazing mandalas lately!!! Thank you @Maitreya !!



This and the Distance Field are truly mind blowing. Normally nothing in the world of fields shocks me, but these do!


@Maitreya is this already designed to interact with DM: Crystals Kingdom for those who own it?

Can this mandala activate the Crystal Kingdom mandala & tell it which crystals are needed?

So, instead of the crystals I own, it’s all crystals that exist & are accessible via the Crystal Kingdom mandala?


This should work.

Need 2 mandalas ?One at home near the crystals, Keep the other one with me?

only one, at home. near crystals

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Doesn’t need to link to the mandala?

just place the mandala. near the crystals

no need. to do anything else

ok thank you. I will try it later. I had kingdom one. :handshake: