DM: Fitness Discipline

This field has been designed to give you motivation and discipline to exercise and do sports. It gives you the vibration of motivation which can be boosted even further by giving the field command by saying/thinking ‘Activate Motivation’. This command can also be used for any other type of motivation-work, daily chores, studying, etc.

The field will give you the desire to do sports and exercise that you feel at a cellular level. It allows you to be more conscious about the movements of your body and its processes. Increases consciousness about muscle and tendons movements as well as your lungs expanding and your breathing in general. It increases the neurotransmitter award for exercising by boosting your serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins release which gives you intense pleasure from exercising.

The field will release any resistance you have to exercise. It releases laziness and indifference. It connects the mind and the body and grounds you. Allows you to feel clearly which foods are beneficial to you when you are thirsty or hungry, what vitamins, herbs, and other beneficial substances you might need at any given moment.


Even if someone doesn’t want to workout That food part is soooo nice :triumph:


I’m always game for tools to help feel motivated to exercise (I’m a box instructor, and I sometimes struggle to stay motivated), but that last part about the food, drink and supplements is just…:heart_eyes: * chef’s kiss *
Bought!! Thank you Maitreya :pray:


Strangely two or three days ago I still thought I needed a mandala to motivate myself to exercise a bit, especially since I’ve only wanted to sleep lately, but my stomach tells me every time I look in the mirror I urgently need something do for my fitness. It’s just pretty hard to motivate yourself when you come home from work completely finished and just want to regenerate to get fit for the next work day. And out of the blue there is a new mandala to motivate me to finally do something for my figure. All the workout audios that we have ensure that you don’t completely disintegrate physically and are just a wobbly mountain of meat. But if you really do a bit of sport, of course, you can look a lot better. Let’s see if I can squeeze a bit out of my wallet after he had to bleed for the keratin and Q10 mandala.

And thank you Maitreya for not even having to suggest the mandalas I need. :wink:



Added to the mandala increased feeling of self-care, but it should be activated manually by people who need it with “Activate Self-Care”. Felling pleasure to take care of yourself, feeling that you deserve it, etc.

I didn’t make it to work automatically, because there are people who are suffering more from /self-care/ rather than getting benefits.


@Maitreya Thank you for all that you do for us. We’re grateful for your existence. If I may say, you’re my guiding star and angel. I respect you beyond words (no flattery intended)

I have posted a thread on some of my fitness and Guitar playing related stuff and my general feedback about my experiences with your work. I’ll be honored if you can have read.

Wishing everyone Peace & unconditional love,


Testimony: Have had this for a bit now, Already was into fitness, but was slacking a bit.

  • Can do one legged squats for several reps each leg wtih ease (mind you, I’m already athletic)
  • deep breathing not just for working out, but for meditation is much more fluid and focused (pranayama)
  • parasites dm killed my cereal habit, but now It’s really difficult for me to even think about some of the other semi junk foods I used to eat
  • I have been trying out different food combinations lately and have been more motivated to cook my own meals
  • have had instinctual knowledge of when to or not to take some of my supplements that I would usually take everyday. I’ve been cutting back anyway, but it’s much easier to tell “hey I don’t need this today”
  • I already enjoyed exercising, but this has helped me get back into a near daily routine after only working out 1-2 times a week.

Could this dm also improve athletic performance?