DM: Soul Group Beacon

DM: Soul Group Beacon

Based on the theory that we are part of a ‘soul group’ that usually incarnate together, and sometimes meet and become workmates, husband, and wife, mentor, and student, etc. (kinda like in school where you and other children are classmates for a number of years and share a common learning experience), this mandala has been created to pull towards you the people in your soul group that is appropriate to meet for the highest good of both of you. Sometimes the members of a soul group may have similar life paths and goals, but now always, so if it is beneficial to meet them you will, and if it is not for your highest good you will not. This mandala is like a homing beacon that these souls are attracted to, and also make them consciously realize that they are part of this group, raise their vibration to the level of the most spiritually evolved member of the group and consciously begin to work together towards achieving their common goals for this lifetime. Also, it will work on removing any limiting beliefs, fears, egotistical issues, external negative influences that prevent you and your group from realizing that you are part of this group and their highest goals as a soul group.


OMG! This was my ideea. Thank you very much for creating this!

Also, I remember reading that if you created this mandala based of my ideea, I would get this mandala for free. Is that so?


@Firehand Yeah, congratulations. :partying_face:


Does it mean this DM help bringing my soul group, the people I soully connected with, to meet up in this 3D reality?



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No that’s not so. Only the winners of the contest get free audios/mandalas.

@TheBlackEmperor @Firehand


I didn’t see that. Thanks


This is a great mandala, and it works fast. Ever since owning it, somehow The Universe conspired for me to meet with two co-workers I hardly spoke with before, and began talking about really deep stuff: spirituality, psychology, and so on. So I guess I already attracted some soul group members.


Ah that’s good to know I’ve had it since this morning. I hope that this will get me out of my hermit life. And brings me a few people into my life that I can do something with. :smiley:


I am really blessed.
This year, I have been gone through so many downs, and fully detached with anybody, anyone, no friends, no family, no relationship and nothing else
(It’s a really sudden and destructive change of my life, but it’s also a very constructive period of my life to start getting into the spirituality, everything happens for reasons, grateful for everything happens)

I have bought this one for like 10 days maybe, suddenly I received messages from three people, these 3 ppl I met in different occasion years ago and they did not know each other. And all of them should have at least or amost a year that we had no contact with each other.
They just messaged me, and showed their caring and love to me. It was just so warm. Really.
One even chatted of something quite in depth, like spirituality…

Thanks my dear universe, always send love and helps to me when I am lost or whenever needed, micracles everywhere. :heart:

Thanks Maitreya, this and all other fields and DM as well. I feel so much love around. Recently I have met many great people and master, and am reading a book named “the power of now”, these all amazed me and uplifted me so much. I am so grateful for all the things that have been gone through, and have countless thanks and blessings to Maitreya and your great work!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thanks lots​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Oh yea! Same happened to me!


I was given a sign to comment on this even though I consciously did not want to for personal reasons.

I recently bought this mandala since I’ve always felt disconnected from everyone. This comment is regarding the mandala’s ability to rise you/the group to the highest spiritually evolved member.

As soon as I pulled it up on my screen and looked at it, I felt an energetical rush that I can really only compare to my first interaction with Awakening the God. I egotistically imagined, and negatively thought - that I would either be the highest vibrational member of my soul group or I just wouldn’t have anyone in my group. (But I obviously I bought this because I was pretty optimistic about meeting like minded beings and having some badass team for a soul mission)

It felt like electricity was shooting through all of my cells at once, I could barely take it. I felt like god. (I Am presence, I Know I am, but like…when you actually feel it rather than just believe it…) I’m not going to sugarcoat that moment. I’ve on/off with semen retention and brahmacarya and I will not lie when I say my vibration was not even remotely close (perhaps not in the same dimension) as whatever shift occured when I interacted with this mandala.

I don’t know what this means or what happened. To be honest, I felt a little uncomfortable. I’m still working on my ego and I think the god audio is making it worse. But basically my thoughts were if someone has a vibration that powerful they surely sensed what I did, could probably zap me from across the world, and might as well be super god. It wasn’t my most high vibrational day, but the difference…I don’t think words can describe how much lower my vibration was, despite my spiritual development, as to whatever it is that I connected to. Alot of habits have immediately been changing. My behavior/mindset had also changed drastically. Eating habits. Meditation habits. I haven’t met anyone yet or had really anything else happen. But I was told to share this.

EDIT: It was also pretty much a zero thought state. Complete bliss and at peace. I thought of Buddha at the time. I still have the mandala, but obviously the surge of electricity and "high’ has stopped.


@lezeallion, I believe what you felt was the establishing of the beacon.

This is a metaphor, so stay with me here. The farther you have to send the signal, the more power is required. If “home” for you is really far away, then a LOT of power would be required. I have experienced similar things myself in my spiritual work.

Please understand, I don’t mean far away like the other side of the universe. I’m not talking about distance in space. These things can be hard to explain, especially only via text on an Internet forum.

Best it can be described simply - you had to go far outside the energy you were in to find the energy where you came from.

You are more than you think you are.


What if they’re not on Earth?

Unfortunately, we can’t connect physically with loved souls which are not on Earth atm. We can in meditation if we are missing someone so much.


Yet we can connect with themin our hearts, our dreams and thru our intention for doing so… but a breathe away a heart beat away, thats how close. Love and Light everyone !!

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I meditated with this, but I couldn’t do it long. I got headache and as if arrows were shooting in all directions from the centre of my brain and there were slivering waves of silver blue light.

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What do you think about this? What did you feel?

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  1. my vision needs to be clearer cause there were other succeeding images which I could feel the shapes of but couldn’t see.
  2. My people are close, I felt an anticipatory happiness
  3. Need to drink more water so that there is less headache