DM: Saint Cyprian’s Prayer

The prayer of St. Cyprian is a very powerful tool for removing dark attacks, black magic, and repelling demonic entities.

The story of St Cyprian, known as ‘The Magician’, goes that he was a magician in Antioch and dealt in sorcery. He lived in Antioch in the 3rd century AD. One day he had a client who asked him to make through spells a young woman to marry him, since she had rejected him. Convinced in his magical skill Cyprian attempted to force her through spells, and demonic attacks to marry his client but to his surprise, his magic did not have any effect. Thinking that she was a powerful magician herself, he went to visit her and ask her to teach him. To his surprise, she told him that she was not a magician but believed in God, Jesus Christ, and because of that and her strong faith magic had no effect on her. That made Cyprian abandon magic and become a Christian. He wrote powerful prayers for protection from black magic, helped by his understanding of the dark forces, who are used to this day to save people from black magic and demonic attacks. During the Diocletianic Persecution of Christians in 304 AD, he and Justina suffered martyrdom at Nicomedia, modern-day Turkey.

This field has been created to contain the powerful essence of this prayer so you experience instant removal of dark forces, psychic attacks, demonic attacks, spells, etc, regardless of the source and power of the magician or the entity.

The higher understanding of the story of St. Cyprian is that the highest power is always Creator’s. No human and no entity can compare to Creator’s power and when we remember our oneness with the Creator, nothing can harm us.


I had a problem with some teacher who is wrong treating since some time lying for not giving me classes, not giving me classes which I paid for different reason, I was feeling so bad, anger, rage, very stressfull, headache, obsesive with the situation, even thinking about killing him (not I was going to do it) plus mix with other stressful situation.
I was controlling better the situation with some mental fields today as for example some resilience fields put in DM Manager but this not enough and then I remembered this DM and so far all dissapeared.
I feel good, in control of myself, just relaxed and good.
So I do not if there is though forms or what effects on me but this is helped me, it’s not a coincidence.
So it’s interesting to note if mental/emotional fields are not working completely, then it’s worth to try these type of protections.


Dark beings could have manipulated the teacher, and they provoked you by using him. Sometimes we feel bad about someone but the root is not them, but what is controlling them. When you work with energy, you start to sense darkness and it pushes you away. You might avoid places that can be full of low beings without being able to see them.
So your choice of this mandala was perfect. When you follow your intuition, you always get the best solution. I am glad you feel better now :grinning:


Could this field be useful even I have most of Maitreyas protection fields.
I think I only lack the the 2 exorsorsist fields?

I bought it already!
But i think I can give a review already.
As I were supposed to press the the buy button on the computer, the whole house electricity went out.
I made the buy through my phone instead, and then electricity came back
I kid you not, it was at the exact moment, pretty good answer😂
Going to buy the St Basil Exorcist next month, I think this will make my life easier


:astonished: Signs everywhere. Now entities are scared. If you feel drawn to some fields this is often what you currently need.

I’m drawn to a lot of fields :joy: