DM: Saint Basil the Great’s Exorcism Prayers

Saint Basil the Great’s Exorcism Prayers

Some of the most powerful prayers there are for exorcism are the prayers of Saint Basil the Great and especially his three prayers of interdiction. It is very difficult to find their text, especially in English, outside of specialized religious libraries. They are originally meant to be read by a priest to a victim of demonic attacks. The prayers banish evil entities and destroy black magic influence.

Saint Basil was born in 330 AD in Caesarea and is to this day one of the most revered fathers of the early Church. He served as a bishop of Caesarea and was highly esteem theologian. Basil was known for his care of the poor and underprivileged. Around his church, he built a hospital for the poor, workshops for the disabled, orphanage, school, etc. In his written works he stresses the complete equality of both genders, both in the image of God, endowed with the same honour and dignity, in perfect equality. Saint Basil received his formal education in Caesarea and after his baptism, he traveled to Palestine, Egypt, Syria, and Mesopotamia to study ascetics. He has left many writings and prayers.

This field has been created to offer instant complete protection and release of negative entities or the effects of dark magic, by carrying the essence of the three most powerful of St.Basil’s banishing prayers used for exorcism. Specifically, the name of Beelzebub (who is also known as Baal) is mentioned and banished along with his servants. If a daemon is using another person to lie and deceive you, through Saint Basil’s Prayer, this is stopped. There is a special mention of all types and modes of magic and daemonic attacks. Some of them are: When one is spoken to by a daemon during the night, or in a deep sleep, deceiving them into accepting agreements with them or in other ways, or making them feel and act in destructive and negative ways by inducing evil feelings or wrong thoughts in the person, threatening them or causing fears, creating and stimulating improper sexual attraction, or causing delusions, or daemons scaring them by appearing in a reptilian form or other forms, including as people, or even smoke or vapour, and many more.

Here follows a part of one of the prayers:

“Oh, Impure and criminal demon, subterranean, depraved, lying, hideous, visible in your shamelessness, invisible in your hypocrisy, wherever you are or go, whether you are Beelzebub himself, or that you produce an upheaval, or that you are serpentine or beastly, or as vapour, or as smoke you appear, or as male, or as female, or as reptile, or as bird, or nocturnal, or deaf, or dumb, or that you frighten with attack, or that you tear, or that you think evil, or that in deep sleep, or in sickness, or in weakness, or in laughter, or you make them wander, or that you cause lustful tears, or that you are promiscuous, or stinking, or lustful, or seductive with pleasure, or fond of poison, or make one mad with criminal love, or are a soothsayer, or a house charmer, or shameless, or quarrelsome, or fickle, or with of the month variable, or at some time variable, or morning, or noon, or midnight, or untimely, or by lightning, or met by chance, or sent by someone, or you have flown suddenly, or into the sea, or into a river, or from under the ground, or from a well, or from a pit, or from a thorn tree, or from a marsh, or from a reed, or from earth, or from a mountain, or from an unclean place, or from a grove, or from a forest, or from a tree, or from birds, or from thunder, or from a bath roof, or from a water bath, or from an idol grave, or from where we know or do not know, known or unknown, or from an unexpected place : Go away!”


Awesome, thanks Maitreya team! Do these prayers also include removal of influences, etc from Djinns or is it purely against daemonic entities?

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Djinn is Arabic word for daemon, so yes, it includes them, regardless of the name they are given in any particular culture.


Oh, my bad, I didn’t know that. Thanks! :smile:


Maitreya said that making that field required great inner power and she hasn’t encountered a more powerful energy dealing with exorcism till she decided to do this one. That one is a big deal.


I think yes… :nazar_amulet:

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I didn’t think of that, thanks!

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Welcome bro…

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I knew that you could please everyone! Who is speedy can buy the NFT, who needs more time can buy this DM without any haste.

So in these fields prayers are included…I think that it is the start of a long series. There are so many Saints for many purposes.


I have some not nice images in my mind and some strange feelings while using this.
A feeling in my chest.
I’m not sure if I’m autosuggesting me or I really have something.
I’m going to leave this and Saint Cyprian in my cellphone all time.
Maybe to put them in the mandala Manager Box, more secure.


Now I barely feel anything after 40 minutes.
But I put this Mandala box manager with the Saint Cyprian (I had this before in it but I quit it)
I will not remove them.
Also I put the in my cellphone the DM inner faith.


Keep it for a while. You felt drawn to it :slightly_smiling_face: and this is the best indicator that you need it.

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You know what, that was the second time I used this, the first was few days ago when I first purchased and I used for some few minute and I felt the same feeling detailed above.
I was a little disoriented and maybe scared too so I removed it from the digital mandala folder.

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Whatever is tied to you, don’t like this mandala and fight back, trying to stay. Removing darkness can be even physically painful. I had a fever or vomit, almost fainted, and cried from physical pain. Whatever you feel, it’s better to get rid of this. Life is better without any beings feeding on your energy and messing up with your life. :slightly_smiling_face: So don’t give up :muscle:


It seems it went away but I will still keep this Mandala.