NFT: Saint Cyprian’s Prayer Remove Black Magic

Saint Cyprian’s Prayer Remove Black Magic

The prayer of St. Cyprian is a very powerful tool for removing dark attacks, black magic, and repelling demonic entities.

The story of St Cyprian, known as ‘The Magician’, goes that he was a magician in Antioch and dealt in sorcery. He lived in Antioch in the 3rd century AD. One day he had a client who asked him to make through spells a young woman to marry him, since she had rejected him. Convinced in his magical skill Cyprian attempted to force her through spells, and demonic attacks to marry his client but to his surprise, his magic did not have any effect. Thinking that she was a powerful magician herself, he went to visit her and ask her to teach him. To his surprise, she told him that she was not a magician but believed in God, Jesus Christ, and because of that and her strong faith magic had no effect on her. That made Cyprian abandon magic and become a Christian. He wrote powerful prayers for protection from black magic, helped by his understanding of the dark forces, who are used to this day to save people from black magic and demonic attacks. During the Diocletianic Persecution of Christians in 304 AD, he and Justina suffered martyrdom at Nicomedia, modern-day Turkey.

This field has been created to contain the powerful essence of this prayer so you experience instant removal of dark forces, psychic attacks, demonic attacks, spells, etc, regardless of the source and power of the magician or the entity.

The higher understanding of the story of St. Cyprian is that the highest power is always Creator’s. No human and no entity can compare to Creator’s power and when we remember our oneness with the Creator, nothing can harm us.



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Do these NFTs work automatically from venly wallet or are they to be printed out? Do they work with the field emitter?

Love the artwork!

I guess it will work :smiley:

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I purchased the nft :slight_smile:
i feel kind of energy but i prefer to download and print it on paper
how can i download that?

Just right-click on the image and save.

its save the file as “webp” , not png or somthing…

Just change .webp to .png

However you can download from here if you want: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

the picture dont work when i change it … also the wetrasfer

It does works perfectly fine in windows 11. I guess its an issue with your photo viewer software as it seems to be outdated.

However, Try this one and let me know: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

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done. ty !
my windows just too old i guess

can i share it with my perents?

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NFTs are designed to work for the owner only.


@Maitreya @Genius @Vega

what if, we print only ONE copy (note: no opening of digital image either for the duration)

and by intention we talk to the field and tell it to work for other person then we lend that ONE printed mandala, still wont work?

To work on another person - he/she has to purchase it from you, or from our store.
They are working from the wallets, so no need even for a field emitter.

Anyway, if someone has the feeling that printed works better - that’s alright.

It’s important to be comfortable in your mind.


little bit early to say…
but i think the Saint Cyprian’s Prayer just smash the demons and all shit i was deal with for years (the most stuborn one’s)

i try so many fields for that but this … i think its time to freedom :face_holding_back_tears:

also gonna buy the Ancestral Line Clearing to do overkill of everything who will ever try to mess with me

thank you so much! @Maitreya


be blessed :hugs:


OMG Please bring these two to DM to the MF store. please. Maybe an October or November thanksgiving blessings? Peace be with YOU…these two ,combined!! Mind blown. What love and compassion you have for Yourself & the world. wow !! Respect.

This one is most powerful protection field ever made nothing can match this! its time people to get there dont think people just get it :smiley:

army of demons is nothing in front of this :smiley:

Love it @Maitreya :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: