DM: Obstacles Destroyer

This field is designed to place you in the ‘flow’ state and eliminate obstacles that do not serve your evolution. Use this whenever you need assistance and support from higher realms.

The digital mandala operates automatically and at all times without any need on your part. During significant events in your life that you may face, you can direct it specifically towards that event by activating it with the thought of the challenging situation. To activate the digital mandala, simply say “Activate,” and that’s all there is to it.

Within the energy field, there’s a summoning of your spiritual guides, angels, and archangels who might assist you at that moment, ensuring that the situation is resolved in the best possible way.


So so glad to see this field,now having been made in to a DM! YES! If one has money blockages be they in this lifetime or past lifetimes, or both, can this O.D. Remove such blockages , Maitreya? I love this Title and have ever since I saw and listened to the audio/video on YouTube!!


I found this helpful in removing blockages:

Yes and I have this one as well. This Autumn I plan on getting a lot more pendants as well as O.Remover, Limitless Good Karma Booster, Remove Archon Control and more. a LOT of Pendants ( Virtue Pendants) Thanks none the less. down the road I need to get 3 custom DM’s too. That would help me a LOT. Respect Nymtaar !

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Is there a difference between obstacles Destroyer and flow state mandalas.
Since they both put you in the flow state?
I understand that they do different things, but does the Obstacle destroyer make Flow state mandal obsolete?

They complement each other. Obstacles calls for help from Higher Realms. You can use both or one; it’s up to you :slightly_smiling_face:


Can it be considered as an automated angelic/spiritual guidance and intercession kind of part?

It happens automatically when a person needs it. There is no need to do anything else.