New Release: Chakra Cleansing

DM: Chakra Cleansing

This field has been created to clear your chakras from any blockages and stagnant energy. It charges them with pure Divine energy and balances them so that they work harmoniously together.

The field will clear the nine energy centers and balance the channels that connect them, allowing a correct and smooth flow of energy in one’s system.

The nine chakras or major energy centers of the contemporary human are:

  1. Root Centre-Responsible for endurance, change, growth, transformation, sustainability, stress
  2. Sacral Centre-Responsible for your vital force, sexuality, creativity, reproduction
  3. Spleen Centre-Responsible for instincts and survival, safety, values, self-confidence
  4. Solar Plexus Centre-Responsible for emotions, moods, social awareness, spirit
  5. Will Centre-Responsible for willpower, material world, determination, drive, feeling worthiness
  6. Identity Centre-Responsible for knowing one’s identity, a direction in life, and love
  7. Throat Centre-Responsible for communication, action, manifestation
  8. Third Eye Centre-Responsible for practical concepts, ideas, theories, clairvoyance, seeing the truth
  9. Crown Centre-Responsible for Divine inspiration and big ideas

The field will remove the lack of self-education mentality that can be described also as mental laziness. A state where one relies upon the opinions of others to form their own views without giving it any further thought or investigation, thus abdicating from the responsibility to think freely to the best of one’s abilities. It will clear trauma and blockages from being ridiculed, from knowledge withholding, lack of support for one’s ideas, being brainwashed by exposure to fanatical religious beliefs or cults as well as trauma from any kind of violence-mental, emotional and physical.

This field also has a feature to remove trauma from shaming, abuse, neglect, betrayal, rejection, bullying, abandonment, ignored feelings, manipulation, poor bonding with parents, suppressed grief, and living in an authoritative household, where your true nature was not respected or allowed to blossom.

The field will clear third eye damage caused by lack of validation for your psychic abilities, intuition, and spiritual gifts, and will heal the consequences of ridicule and denial of your truth.


i can feel how it clean and open the energy flow
such a relief!

Thank you so much!
will carry it always




Is it advanced version of chakra fury…?

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Literally all I need, TY

Why 9 ? Their is only 7 chakras no ?

There is some new understanding of human development according to which the contemporary human has developed 2 more energy centres/chakras. You can see the brief description in the info of the field. More about that you can learn in books or websites dedicated to Human Design System. I highly recommend this system.


In a way in the sense that it has to do with chakras, yes, but it’s really very different, it’s a new field with a different concept.

I bought this yesterday before the sale ended, This field will be one that will benefit you for many years.
l kept in on me for about 30 minutes and l felt quite a bit of energy, but they were stuck at root and the throat, with very little flowing through to the rest. So l will need to use this for awhile to clear out blockages and open up energy flow


How do you use it?

You print it and carry it with you.

One more thing which is not written in the description.
You can give your intention to the mandala.

For example, if you feel stuck energy in Root chakra - you can give intention specifically for it to be cleared. The field clears all, but when you put your intention it works faster and stronger.


Just wanted to stop by and say thank you Maitreya and Staff for adding such value out into the world with these powerful,effective and life changing Mandala’s… I cleaned up on the sale and have a quite a few of your DM’s and audios.Blessings and Light to you all this Holiday Season and thank you all again for giving a care about Life on this planet and easing the suffering there of, increasing the peace and quality of Life. Authenticially


This may or may not happen to evryone, but l suggest you use the grounding field as well as have good protection/shielding

I’m only having the mandala on my phone for around 20 minutes a day. and focusing my intention on where l need the energy to work on.

I’ve been on nofap for almost 2 years now and have been really good at not relapsing. Since getting Chakra Cleansing last Wednesday, l’ve had 3 nights of nocturnal emission/wet dreams and my dreams being invaded by entities causing me to have sexual acts in dreams. I know it’s entities because l have aphantasia and hardly have visual dreams or even remember what l did after l wake up, but these have been very visual and l can remember them even days later. I have been using the Sexual Energy Clearing and Cutting Cords audio for the past few days but hasn’t helped

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Try the Sleep Protection mandala.


Hi :heart:

Could you please explain the difference between the chakra fury mandala and this one more specifically? It would be helpful to better understand how each of them influence the system in more detail so its easier to decide which one is more suitable for ones personal needs.

Appreciate your work :pray:

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This mandala works on 9 energy centres/chakras as described whereas the previous one works on 7.

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Ok, I am a bit confused. We might be thinking of two different fields :sweat_smile:
I am referring to the mandala with this description:

"This mandala includes 114 Chakra Cleansing - Restore Energy Flow /field/

  • Restore Etheric Body and Close Aura Gaps

It will help you to have always clean chakra system and also a strong aura which will improve your inner being a lot."

The description is a bit sparse to begin with, but I assume the field I mentioned is covering 114 chakras (main ones and smaller ones throughout the system) + strengthening of the aura.

Would be grateful for a further explanation of the differences in how this field and the new field covering 9 chakras works. :heart:

First, both fields are made with a different method and the results will be different. The field with 114 Chakra Cleansing is working on all 114 (little) chakras in the body and into meridians which are like tubes and from when the energy flows.

Chakra Cleansing is working more on the main chakras, which are larger and from which the energy flow enters the body, and depending on the frequency of the chakras you can have great health, mood, mental abilities, or the opposite. Also, this field is working specifically to remove the blockages which are written into the description on a deeper level, as some others.

And the third difference is that [Chakra Cleansing] is available as a digital mandala. This means it will work constantly without the need to listen to audio on Youtube again and again.


Thank you so much, that is very helpful! :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Huge catalyst for positive change i experience same day of purchase


I have both,love them both and use them both along with a slew of other DM’s, every day… not only is the art work of the Mandala’s themsevls - stunning and beautiful they are both very powerful and effective ,that is,both Chakra Cleansing & Chakra Fury ( 114 Chakra ) Again I use them as "one’ so to speak ,AKA I always run them together.
Just like Ancestral Line Clearing, Ancestral Line Clearing: War Trauma , Ancestral Line Re-arrangement, Release & Heal Co-dependency , Release Gaslighting, I used them as a SET all open and running at the same time. along with all of these I always including, grounding & Earthing and Limit Breaker ( with ANY DM’s I run) these two are standard operating procedure , none the less,important.