NFT: Restore All Bodies

This field has been created to restore one’s energy bodies completely. It will close all cracks and holes through which your energy leaks out or negative influences and entities can enter. It will restore your mental, emotional and physical balance and will create a beneficial environment within your energy system and body so you feel well on all levels and enjoy better health, well-being, abundance, joy & laughter, increased wealth, and many other benefits.


since i was using the bluprint of the bodies ( yt)
just purchsed this and it damn good!!
togheter with the chakra cleansing
its a pure bliss

thank you maitreya <3


how to buy it ?

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Why is it not possible to buy, it says sold :expressionless: i’ really like to have it

i don’t trust this site , anyway thanks

yes me too , i hope the will upload it in gumroad

I figured it out @tot just search for Maitreya Fields ‘Main page’ and you will see all NFTs, i just bought it for 50 USDC

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Is this correct? So this automatically works on me 24/7 like The Field Emitter

download also?

someone can send me the image?
i can save saint cyprian as a png
but this one dont…
thank you :slight_smile:

NFTs work only through the wallet. So, the owner receives the energetical effects. No need to print them as other mandalas, as you don’t need the Emitter for them.


Book of Alchemical Quintessence is included here
i am correct? @Maitreya

Thank you Maitreya team for making this one! Description of it sums it up pretty good. Very noticeable benefits.


please explain me the differences btween the alchemical quintessence and this @Maitreya

Kinda curious if this is more related to Auric energy cleanse ?? I feel so drawn to this Artwork mandala

This field is much more than just clearing the aura. It works to restore the bodies completely in their best state, and in doing so also clears everything that is anchored there and not serving the person. For people with many holes in their fields, it can entirely build new fields that are specific to them through the vibrational frequency that the person emits.

The ideal state of the bodies allows for no negative energies to enter a person, and it also stops other types of attacks. Each of the bodies, as you may have guessed, is responsible for a certain thing, and if there are damages, it can cause major problems.

A woman falls into depression and can’t stop crying for days. She can’t say why and there’s no reason for her to feel this way. Everything in her life is fine, but this feeling is tearing her apart.

What do we discover? A cracked emotional body, from which all the sadness of the people around her is entering. She herself has sadness within her, and that’s why she resonates specifically with this emotion. After correcting the body, she instantly stops feeling this way.


It looks similar to The Book of Quintenssence although it’s different.
I think this works directly with the bodies to be restored and all bodies.
I purchased and feel a nice energy and feeling in my upper back, so it’s must be closing gaps in some bodies, with quintessence I don’t feel that.

Restore All Bodies is more complex. It included all the bodies not only etheric. In the Book you get Blueprint of Health - Etheric Body so it’s precisely etheric.

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