DM: Remove Shadow Mirrors (Patreon Exclusive)

Shadow Mirrors are used to distract you from your evolution and healing. When a person starts to heal their traumas, remove entities from themselves, and is working to improve their inner life and conciseness the powers that oppose human evolution and freedom put Shadow Mirrors to distract them. They put energetic pressure on you to forget what you were thinking or to loop in your head past traumatic events taking up the resources of your consciousness with meaningless and harmful past drama. The dark powers can also influence your family and friends, or even random people around you so they behave unreasonably or aggressively towards you.

They will use any character flaws or weaknesses you and your partner may have and try to create conflict or even make you split. If you are prone to anger, jealousy, or depression, they will supercharge those qualities and emotions and make you overreact or create feelings that you can’t explain when you think about what happened later on. This interference can affect every aspect of the person’s life.

This field has been created to remove all Shadow Mirrors and energy of distraction and brings to you the truth that you are always connected to the Creator and protected by the Creator.

PS: Field will work only for those who are part of the tier.


and just today, there is a feedback from eternal cleaner and also mentioning universal one,

then these new ones,
why is there too much “blocks” in this world :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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This explains a lot lol

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