DM: Remove Spiderweb (Patreon Exclusive)

This field has been created to remove energetic spiderwebs and other similar types of energetic influence, including devices and implants which allow a person or entities who have put them in your energy field to sense/feel/watch what is happening with you and try to stop your evolution or keep you obedient to their agenda.

PS: Field will work only for those who are part of the tier.


thank you maitreya <3
i wanna share something

few months ago i was maditate and play spell remover by another creator
i get into a deep maditation and then i saw a spiderwebs and its start to crack from the field…
i didnt know to explaine this experince until now…

why people’s doing that kind of evil to others :frowning:

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Most of them (that make this) even don’t know they do it, because they don’t see/feel the energy and are under the control of beings from other levels. There is a little number of such people who admit and have evil attentions. Use your intuition to choose what to listen to and it’s for you highest and best.

A very fast method to check if some creator/fields are for you is with statements and body feelings (if you don’t trust your intuition)

For example, make a statement:

The field Shanti from Maitreya Fields is good for me - then sense in your body LIGHT or HEAVY.
Light is for Yes/Truth and Heavy is for No/Lies

Maitreya Fields (or any other creator) is safe for me. - Then see Light or Heavy.

You can use this easy and fast technique for anything you want because your body and subconscious know everything.


thank you for the amyzing advice <3

i didnt explaine my self well .
i was mean to say that the spell remover exposed the spiderweb to me and start to crack it
and it was long ago

now the dm feel like something relased!
for how long should i carry it to remove all the spiderweb?
or you just recommand to carry always like the other dm protection’s

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