DM: Remote Viewing Protection

This field is a groundbreaking concept that offers full protection against Remote Viewing and its variants. The established view taught in all Remote Viewing courses is that it’s impossible to prevent someone from remote viewing you. Now we have found a way to achieve that. This field also offers protection from being energetically identified so a spell, curse, or other malicious attack be sent to you.


wow great concept :heart_eyes:

for celebrities or upcoming stars :smiley:


Extremely relevant right now lol. Thank you.


Would this basically make one immune for any spell / curse / ill intent and wishes as the energy simply can’t identify with the target? Does this include benevolent spells / energies also?

Seems like a great concept and mandala! And the only one to need alongside Adaptive Shield, killer combo :raised_hands: :grin:

@Maitreya May I ask if that is the case? :slight_smile:

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good question.

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@Vega Could you answer this plssss :pleading_face:

Yes, it is possible to repel spells and attacks. I guess it also depends on how skilled the attacker is.

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