Property Protection

This field works for both - homes and businesses to protect your property from any kind of unwanted visitors or customers. This includes problematic and toxic individuals, and anybody who does not have good intentions. It works by creating an energetic shield/bubble around your property, that those types of people will not want to enter.

The closer they get to the field, the more uncomfortable they will become. For your home, this field will affect people with negative intentions such as burglars/robbers and anybody who wishes to harm or threaten you in any way. It also works while you are not at home, to actively protect your home while you are not there.

It does the same for business premises. In addition, the field will repel all kinds of problematic people, and people that would make your employees or customers feel uncomfortable or cause you to lose business or customers.

Digital Mandala: DM: Property Protection - MaitreyaFields


I have a question:
I live in a rented apartment.
Is this DM suitable for the rented property too and will it protect against burglars in this case?

Sorry, I posted the same question in a wrong topic, here is a right place.

Another question that came to my mind during listening to this field.
There is a kind of a bar on the ground floor of the house where I rent the apartment. The people who visit that bar they only drink vodka and beer and the are not served with anything to eat. It is more like a club for them. They are not dangerous and they are even friendly to me. But as for me I do not feel comfortable at my home probably because of that.
So I liked the idea of living in a kind of a bubble.

My next question (if I may use this field in a rented apartment):
I do not like this bar, but I do not want to ruin their business. May it cause harm to their business?


@Genius What is the duration of the field?

Maitreya replied to a comment on the YouTube video and mentioned that “Audio has effect around 24 hours”.


Does one use make it permanent?

Does one use last forever?

This is great - will leaving the DM in my car protect it from break-ins or vandals?

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I can not stop asking the questions :smiley:

  1. May I send this DM or field to my past with the Time breaker DM? Will it work?
    I hope the field is smart and if it is possible to send it to the past it will recognize my apartment of that period of time (it was mine then but now it does not belong to me) as well as it will work for the rented apartment too.
  2. will my cats feel the field and like it?


I think people are getting the wrong idea regarding time break, maitreya said this field won’t change your past really, just how you feel about it, it’s more like a neville goddard review using another approach, i don’t see much sense in sending this field to the past, it wouldn’t stop you from getting robbed in the past or anything like that.

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I just thought that this field would help me to feel more secure in my previous environment, it is not about getting robbed. There were some things in my previous apartments that I could not avoid and they made me feel anxious. And I could not get rid of that anxious feeling and wasted my internal power for that.

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Yes, of course. It can be used for all types of property, business, and even your vehicle.

It can make some people who have bad intentions to the bar to get away… Like aggressive behavior and such. If they don’t have this - it won’t affect them (if they are not trying to make harm).

Yup, audio has an effect for around 24 hours. We have made beautiful artwork mandala which can be printed and put as wall art in your home. Mandalas work 24/7.


Yup, it works for vehicles too.

Animals react good on our fields :slight_smile:


You can use Time Breaker to send some energy to yourself in that time and also you can ask the field to get back your power that you let there.


Thank you so much for creating this DM … something which I suggest in field suggestions :grinning:


Thank you very much, Maitreya, for all your answers.

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Bought it!!
I work in a facility trying to help young men get clean from drugs.
A lot of times we get some toxic people, that are trying to make trouble.
Will this Mandala make these people stop their behaviour, if their already in the building?
Can i leave it in my bag at the office, when i work,wich is still in the building?

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Lol, I gotta ask…

Anyone know if it’ll keep out people who are harmless but who you’d otherwise want not to mess around in your space/with your stuff/disrespect your privacy; eg. nosy guests/children/ whatever

My parents didn’t really respect boundaries and would toss my room around when I was young on occasion for no reason other than that they could and just felt like rearranging my stuff. (Can’t stress enough that I was a goodie two shoes, lol, so I don’t know why they might’ve thought that I’d keep anything in there. Way to break trust and build resentment, right? BUT ANYWAY, that’s a whole other thing.) Consequently, I don’t like folks dicking around my bedroom and going through things when I’m not around.

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how about this one

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Aww… thank you… perhaps i just can use property protection.

This DM is not specifically made for this purpose, but you can give it a try and see if it works. I think may be GTFO mandala is better for what you describe. Also-developing strong personal boundaries and telling people to not enter your room, and installing a lock if necessary.

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