DM: Energy Protections

This mandala is made with two strong shields protections:

First: It will protect you from outside harms from all types of energy work. Doesn’t matter if they are subliminals, reiki, fields, binaural beats, etc. It will stop this energy from entering your system so you don’t get harmed by it.

Second: It will protect you from entities that sometimes try to enter through the same types of energy work: subliminals, reiki, fields, binaural beats, etc.


How does the field know what is a “harm” for me and my system and what is not? Very often the subconscious mind defines “harmful” differntly than the conscious mind…


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so this will protect us from evil submaker right?

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Does not Divine Protection already do this? Is this different?

Also does this protect from psychic attacks, spells, etc.?

This is the idea behind this mandala.

No, it’s made more for energy works - fields, subliminals, affirmations, etc.

If it doesn’t resonates with your subconscious mind and energetical system it will stop the effects instantly, not when you already feel bad and search methods how to remove these stuff from you.


It catches evil or negative affirmations, negative intentions from the creator, all types of advertising and manipulations.

For energy types, it stops it if catches attached entities and other beings from other dimensions.


I can put this on a phone or computer screen and turn that screen off and still have it work, correct?



Can I use this with a sub from a submaker I trust just to filter out some of the effects that might not work well with me while still getting the benefit from the main portion of the script?

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I bought this one simply because I know from my past I used negative sub-makers and even now there are creators/fields/subs with benefits which many of us desire, but are unsure of what may lay underneath.

I have many shields, mostly Maitreya’s but from others too. I can confirm that I felt an immediate layer of light coating my entire body and my vibration rose immediately (or I just felt better/lighter/clearer). Solid chance I’m being protected from something on my emitter or this shield has a top coating of increased positivity.

I just wanted people to know, if you are unsure about something, that intuition is likely correct. Please protect yourselves.

Many people seem to be hesitant to buy this for the sake of their subs. I am utilizing some for specific dreamwork and will update in a few weeks if people want confirmation that subs which may not be the most “spiritual” type, are still effective.


This is what it feels like when I use certain creators I wanted to test.
It’s like this shield over not just my third eye(but strongly there), but my entire forehead and crown area that they must bypass, then there’s this invisible vent that their energy must tunnel through before it touches me. I have hair/body fields that I will update if they still work…

I don’t know if I will sleep well tonight though. It feels like the shield is working 24/7 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I Do feel untouchable though. It’s like the Helm’s Sister, Helma


I have been led to more uncertainty about my past actions than ever before in my quest of seeking truth and light.

I do not believe myself to be “higher” than others. I have opened myself up to the opinions of others that I deemed trustworthy. However, my intuition continues to prove itself to be a step above everything, including myself, who makes incorrect choices very often.

I do not know what is true, I have been misled many times, have changed beliefs, and have misinterpreted things based upon my own ego. I have been wrong, have made countless mistakes and continue to do so for the sake of seeking something I don’t even know what.
I am not wise when it comes to many things. Struggle with addictions. Procrastinate. I have been given much of what I have. At one point even gave to others not from the heart, but just because I simply believed good would return to me.

What I do know to be true, is that there are things that need to be questioned, that all energy field methods are not equal.
Please use your own gut feeling, speak with your Higher Self and have faith in your own soul.
I’m tired of sensing certain things and trying to convince myself “it’s just my imagination.”
And who knows, maybe it is just me. A lot of weird things seem to only affect me that don’t affect others. Maybe it is just my crazy imagination. And that’s fine……I can keep being crazy, but I can’t keep ignoring it.

If I keep ignoring things, keep telling myself I shouldn’t be able to hear what I think I’m hearing, or feel what I’m feeling, what in the world am I doing seeking what I cannot see?
I can’t justify anything. I’m a hypocrite.

So please don’t blame yourself, if you buy this and start questioning things.
Because I am more the fool, for ignoring something that has done nothing but tried to help me find what I’m looking for.

What I thought to be true became true, but what I felt to be wrong was always wrong.
In a world where we are taught to think before we act, it’s easier to create a false belief, than it is to trust what you internally already know, everything.


Know the truth, be free


Thanks! I actually already have this DM though. I’m moreso referencing not universal/divine truth, but just a thought about an internal curiosity of mine.

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So basically this would shield against anything which would be harmful, especially when listening to light language transmissions from new creators, whom may not yet be entirely established as a trustful channel for example?
Edit: Got my answer from post no.7 in this thread. It does indeed provide protection. Awesome!

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This is an odd question but I am hoping to find a field for this problem. I want to be able to listen to different music artists but I find that with many of them I feel worse afterwards due to the energy coning from the music rather than the lyrical content. Would this field work for this problem or would there be a better suited field for this?

This is designed for music, movies and TV protection.

I was under the impression that was just for subconscious protection from lyrics but would that work for energetic protection as well?

This is for the subconscious only. If you want more than that, combine those two fields. Because Energy Protection is designed for energy work and music, movies and TV are not related to this.

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