DM: Recapitulation [No Personal History]

Recapitulation is an ancient technique passed down to us by the old magicians of the don Juan lineage. It is a technique for breaking down the idea of oneself into all of its memories and associations with people you have encountered in your life. The strategy is to return that energy back to yourself so that it is available to you now in the present. Why let it carry around with you in some mystical past that keeps you fixed in a position where you are now?

What you need to do is to make two lists:

The first list includes all sexual partners and all people you have had sexual fantasies with. To fill out the list, one needs to take some time to relax and remember all these people. The field will also trace sexual partners to whom you have given energy and will begin to work to restore it to you and clear energy influences.

This is very important because there is an exchange of energy between partners and with this, in addition to giving away your energy to another person, you can also receive their energy. In addition to positive energy, you may have received negative energy from the other person, negative beliefs, emotions, and other energy influences.

By returning and clearing your energy, your life will improve in all areas. In addition to physical energy, it is possible to become even more intuitive, increase your income, and energy on all levels.

The second list is with all the other people. This includes not only people you know but also people you have randomly met in your life. The field will find each person and return your energy purified, as well as return the energy to those people if they have given it to you.

The field is made to give you an understanding of the difference between your true self and the role you play here. This will free you from the “obligation to be yourself” or rather the image you have of “yourself”.

You won’t forget your memories and your life, but you will gain the ability to be neutral and distinguish your conditioned self from the stories and memories you have about your life. This is a huge tool for people who are manifesting new realities in their lives and giving orders to the Universe. The field will remove any illusions, beliefs, and stories from you, so that you no longer identify with them and can manifest from the best state for it - the True Self / I am.

You can greatly enhance the effects and speed up the process of restoring your energy by working together with the mandala. This means using your mind to visualize the people from the past who you feel have taken some of your energy or have negatively influenced you. Use your breath while imagining how you are reclaiming your own energy through your solar plexus and releasing the energy of the other person.

Through deeper meditation and breathwork, you may see threads or cords that have connected you to the past and how they disappear when energy is returned from both sides of the process.

Possible benefits you can gain by using the Field:

  1. Release of negative emotions: By revisiting past experiences, you can release negative emotions that you may still be carrying with you, such as anger, resentment, or fear.
  2. Recovery of lost energy: Through Recapitulation, you can recover lost energy that may have been stuck in past experiences or given away to others.
  3. Increased self-awareness: As you revisit past experiences, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your patterns of behavior.
  4. Enhanced clarity: Recapitulation can bring clarity to situations that may have been confusing or unclear in the past.
  5. Improved memory: By revisiting past experiences, you can improve your memory and gain a clearer picture of what happened.
  6. Heightened intuition: Recapitulation can increase your intuition and your ability to make intuitive decisions.
  7. Greater peace of mind: By releasing negative emotions and recovering lost energy, you can experience greater peace of mind and a sense of inner calm.
  8. Improved relationships: Through the process of Recapitulation, you can heal old wounds and improve your relationships with others.
  9. Increased creativity: By recovering lost energy, you can tap into your creative potential and access new ideas and insights.
  10. Spiritual growth: Recapitulation can be a powerful tool for spiritual growth, as it can help you to release limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior, and connect with your higher self.

Thanks to @Atreides for this great idea. :pray: :raised_hands:


Official description above of course. Below is simply a campfire style chat of personal recollections regarding the teachings brought into life through this DM.

From Carlos Castaneda’s telling of Don Juan’s teachings: (and then filtered through how well I remember the book, and my own paraphrasing): Recapitulation is a practice of consciously recalling every memory from your present life. It could take a great deal of time. I’ve only heard from one person saying he did it and that it took him about 2 years I believe.

Roughly 15 years before listening to Castaneda’s book and around 5 years before having even heard of him, I found myself one night spontaneously feeling the desire to do this. I sat and paced in a dark room alone in the middle of the night for a few hours remembering as much as I could. Remembering my whole life in order. There is so much we forget.

I couldn’t put into words what that did for me but it felt like a very healthy thing. It felt like it had been more than worth the time and effort. And it felt like it had somehow been a spiritual practice not a merely psychological one, though that could have been beneficial alone as well.

It’s funny how we sometimes find ourselves drawn to these things. Memories of past lives pulling on us; guiding us? Or something in our spirit knowing what we need.

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Don Juan said the benefits of recapitulation were that it allowed one to separate within themselves their own information or knowledge or experience from their energy body. This would allow an adept sorcerer (in Don Juan’s usage of the word “sorcerer” which does not quite hold the contemporary meaning) to give up their information to an archonic force at the moment of death while keeping their own energy body intact and go on living after death. I think he meant just as an energy body. This would be as opposed to having the archon consume your energy body in the process of accumulating from you the life experience knowledge it desired.

No Personal History was something Don Juan practiced that kept new etheric cords from forming. Not that he used those terms. It was about not getting attached to or accepting false identities that life experiences or time or people had bestowed upon you.

All in all, these two practices covered much of Don Juan’s practical teachings on how to reach full human potential by not existing as mere energetic food for the archon.

While reading Maitreya’s description of this DM I quickly realized she and her team had done much research on this topic before forming the DM. So I really wanted to come on here just to say how impressed and excited I was to see this.



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How do we make the second list of everybody we have ever met, including “people we don’t know”?

People whom we have connection with? :smiley:

Right but how do we make a list of anyone who we have ever connected with, but don’t personally know? If we don’t know their names? Also that’s got to be hundreds… thousands of people lol. I get how to make the first list, but the second list is confusing

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If you can visualize well, you can imagine these people. It is not necessary to have their names or any information about them. Initially, it is difficult and it seems like an endless exercise, but by using the mandala and thinking about these people, many memories are unlocked, and one can remember even the most inconspicuous people in their life, such as the postman from their childhood whom they saw only once in their life.

You can also connect with your body and ask it about the people it has encountered. Before that, you can take a piece of paper and a pen and close your eyes, so that when the body sends a sensation about a certain person, you can write it down. A person can be marked with a shape: for example, a circle, triangle. With a color: yellow, pink. The body will only give the information that it has associated with a particular person.


thanks Maitreya, I actually can’t visualize at all, but I’ll give that a try!

It’s not a problem if a person can’t visualize. Visualization is usually defined as pictures seen through one’s mind’s eye and can be deepened into clairvoyance. However, this is not the only method and sense for extracting information. Each person has more pronounced methods through which they perceive the world around them. It is necessary for a person to find out which one is theirs - sight, hearing, energy sensing, physical, and others.

The easiest method of understanding, which can show a person’s abilities to interpret information, is when they think about something.

For example, if I ask you to think of your father now - how will you understand in your head and inner world who your father is? Do you have a picture? Do you have sound? Feeling? Color? How do you actually understand who I’m talking about when I say “father”?

By answering this question for yourself, you can understand more. With this exercise, you can use other examples to realize which is your ability. You can try with the following words:

Strawberries, Sea, Vanilla, Moist Wood, Anise, Fabric Softener, Soap
Your friend from school, Your colleague from work, Brother/Sister, etc.

The idea is to trace the process and what you have learned and find “normal and natural” to actually understand which channel and sense allows you to understand this information.

Naturally, this is not necessary for the field, but I figured it could be useful information for you, as well as for the people in the forum, if anyone wants to deepen their knowledge and skills for themselves.


I have aphantasia so I don’t get any of the sights, sounds, visuals, smells, colors, etc. The closest thing I can do is consider thoughts/facts about them - but I get what you’re saying. I will do that.

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Thoughts/facts is enough. :slight_smile:


I have tried multiple stuff over some time to get over a pretty intense heartbreak. This is the only thing that has managed to do what I was looking for. I am finally at a neutral state regarding the situation and person.
During the process I had weird ticks, pains, change in optical clarity, change of centre, light headedness.
(Love & forgiveness, hoponopono, gratitude, rationalisation, cord cutting etc worked but only mildly. This is the only thing that got the roaring vengeance out of my system.)
Thank you Maitreya and team. My heart feels light. :cherry_blossom::sparkles::two_hearts:


Does the mandala also work automatically, or do we need to work-on focusing?

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I have been using it in focused way in meditative sessions.