DM: Object Eraser

This will remove any energetical program or structure from the object you put on it for 15 minutes. It will erase the whole object’s memory.


very useful :smiley:


Super Maitreya you created it :star_struck: !!! it will be very useful to me !!!

No need to wait 1 month to reuse objects with the field storage creator :relieved:

As soon as I have received money (a lot of money spent this month :grin:) I will buy it !!

thank you Maitreya for this Mandalas :wink::pray::heart::sunny:


Did I understand correctly that you can delete your storage items with the Mandala in order to be able to re-record them with other audios without having to wait until the storage field has expired? Well, that’s really helpful to manage all of your storage items. Thank you Maitreya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, can do that with this mandala.


I have one more question about the mandala. Does that actually delete all the printed mandalas if you carry them together in your pocket? or does it not affect the other mandalas? It would be annoying if you accidentally have your dog tags close by and these are deleted from the mandala.

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funny you mentioned that cause I had printed this mandala out and accidentally put my emotional replacer mandala folded on top of it with the diagram in between now im left wondering if I need to reprint the one I left on top of it or not… I mean ultimately one can just reprint the mandala I suppose but I’d still love to know the answer or if there is a range of keeping something to close or if its just whatever is inside the mandala itself

Yeah, might be a good safety measure to add an activation phrase to this one…

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Will add activation word. When you say “ACTIVATE” it will work for 15 minutes.


If the Activate command is added, will the command need to be repeated every 15 minutes, if more time is needed?

Added already

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@Maitreya if I may ask what the range was before you added the command? I just need to know if I need to reprint some stuff that was on top of it or nearby it… Thank you =)

@Maitreya does it clear the energy fields of the sapiens medicine sigils?

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Do you have to clear each object individually or can you put several objects on the mandala at the same time?

You can put as much as it can handle and erase them at once.


Good to know saves time if you don’t have to delete each ring and pendant individually. :smiley:


@Maitreya can I say the word “activate” in my native language, in Russian, for example, or necessarily in English?

this can erase sapien sigils?

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