DM: Tailor Made with Love 2

This mandala is an upgraded version of the first one with the same effects as the first one, but with more manually added benefits from you.

This mandala connects to all clothing in your wardrobe and can install qualities and virtues in them. It has the ability to put the things you want into your auric field by your choice.

For example:

The business clothes can be filled with respect, looking dominant, grabbing attention and people will listen to what you say, etc.

With friends, you can put funny and nice qualities that will grab all your friend’s attention and make them laugh.

On the clothes that you will use for a date, you can put attractiveness, magnificent presence, confidence and whatever else you need.

The field will represent your presence in the way you want others to see you, but additionally that – it will give you a real feeling and energy inside yourself for the things you put on your clothes.

How to use it?

If you want to charge all clothing in your wardrobe with the same thing – put the mandala in it and activate the field using the word “Activate”, then tell to mandala which qualities you want to be integrated into your clothing. The charging process is 15 minutes.

If you want to charge them with different qualities, then put the clothes you will use for than under the mandala and make the same process as above.


Thank you Maitreya, this is lovely.

Will this also work on things like sheets, pillow cases, doonas, towels, etc.?

It would be great to sleep in a bed with programmed bed linen.

Also, can you cancel it and then program something else? If so, how would you do that?


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Thanks. Not sure how I missed that :smirk:

@Maitreya can we use this to charge clothes with the fields of other mandalas?

I didn’t make that, but maybe it’s a great idea.
I was thinking that will take too much time for people to make it, instead of just giving your intention.

Can we use this for individual clothing items every time and could the field be removed for the cases we donate the clothes?

To remove it - just activate and set the intention to clear it.
You don’t need to remove the quality when you want to change this into a new one. Just charge it with a new intention.

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