DM: Mind Guard

The Mind Guard is created for individuals who have been targeted by remote influencers, magicians, or entities attempting to alter and manipulate their reality during sleep or while awake, implanting beliefs or foreign energies to mislead, manipulate, and divert them from their path.

The field will embed information into your subconscious and your Higher Self for protection and resistance against those who are trying to infiltrate you.

The concept becomes clearer when compared to the movie Inception, where a seed of thought or understanding is planted to the detriment of the individual, which, if not realized in time, can grow and cause changes in the person’s behavior and choices, triggering a cascade of negative consequences for them and their life.

The field will remove already embedded influences you have and will serve as a preventative measure against future attempts.


Does this protect against hypnotic implants I really need to buy that cult abuse one I have people torturing me with programming and hypnotic implants. I can’t get any work done and abuse damages your brain really bad I can’t recover I don’t want to be programmable anymore. I did buy the mind control mandala. I got someone abusing me all the time in my head idk I can’t get anything done. You should look at the qu wave maybe make something similar? but in this regard as what the fields doing. I’ll order a pendant :smiley:


It might work on that, too. It’s very strong.

I started to use this mandala in the morning, and I felt a lot of programs disappearing. I was shocked by my old beliefs. Even more shocked with new ones, that clearly belong to me.

For all energy-sensitive, you might experience nausea (almost vomited a few times), dizziness, headaches, eye pain, eyeballs vibrating (I have 20/20 vision, but something is definitely being removed), clarity, tingling in your brain, a sudden neutral state, weird pain all over the body (it goes away quickly). Pleasurable symptoms, too, like soft knees when you are drunk and completely weird reasons to smile or laugh, sweating. Just to name a few. Everyone is different.


How is this different from other fields for protection like the archonic, etc?
I assume this works for any entites such demons, aliens, etc?
And also works for subliminal, brainwashing, mind control, etc?

I am quite amazed at the timing of some of these releases. Just realized yesterday there is someone who has been using “electronic harasment” on and off for a couple of years and it started back up 3 or so days ago and then you release this. I’m becoming increasingly more aware of the connection I have with the creator and the power that lies within me so the “need” for fields is dissipating but the timing of this one is quite impeccable.


Can person keep mandala in pillow case and sleep with it ?.

Will it be effective?.

It operates with different programming that is directed to clear fog, patterns that have been implemented in your childhood, illusions and beliefs.

I noticed a while ago that there was something wrong with my dreams. Then, my mind became foggy. I should’ve noticed that my writing has changed. Symbols in my dreams were distorted.

I am not wearing all the protection and removal at all times; sometimes, I take a break from clearing because many of those fields work on parallel realities, too. And I feel shifting and changing way too much.

Mind Guard will stay for sure. During meditation, I got to the root of one belief that didn’t belong to me; it was foreign and felt wrong.

Yes, as long you are close enough to the mandala to work on you.