DM: Men Assemblage Point

At the physical, emotional, atomic and quantum levels, a human being is an independent oscillating energy field. All oscillating energy fields, by virtue of the fact that they are oscillating, must have an epicentre or vortex of the rotation. The epicentre of the human energy field is called the Assemblage Point.

For men and women they are different, so check good the title of the product before purchasing.

The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point has a direct influence over the biological activity of all of the organs and glands including the brain and these have a direct influence on the location of the Assemblage Point.

The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point regulates how we feel and behave. Disease also dictates the Assemblage Point location and entry angle.

This poin can be moved from it’s place from:

  1. Serious accident, bereavement, disease, fever, tragedy, chronic stress or depression.

  2. Distressed or oppressed childhood, rape or sexual assault, violent intimidation, kidnapping, abduction, enslavement.

  3. Self laceration, mutilation or poisoning, attempted suicide, substance and drug, indulgence, drug overdose, mental institution.

  4. Mugging, robbery, burglary, fraud, identity theft.

  5. Genocide, war, terr*rism, homicide, torture, post military combat trauma, imprisonment.

  6. Physical or psychological intimidation, interrogation, brainwashing.

  7. Betrayal, financial or legal intimidation, blackmail, malicious divorce, bankruptcy, redundancy, home repossession, arrest, prosecution. Under any of these circumstances many people can undergo a serious or seemingly permanent change of their mood or even a personality change. They may also develop physical symptoms and illness. This may eventually lead to more serious disease.

Our Assemblage Point location fixes in a healthy, stationary, near-central position at around the age of seven if we are brought up in a stable home environment and positively identify with good mother and father-figures.

But an unstable and displaced Assemblage Point is likely if we had a consistently negative relationship with our parents, a troubled background or having a displaced upbringing. Genetic reasons or disease can similarly produce abnormal and unstable Assemblage Points.

If the Assemblage Point drops beyond a certain distance for example, with chronic fatigue, down to or below the liver area, despite what medications or therapies are employed, it is very difficult for the individual to recover their former health and state of being. This is because, without direct intervention, their Assemblage Point is most unlikely to return to its previous healthy location. Literally the biological energy levels are too low, so preventing recovery. Raising the Assemblage Point location and angle upwards, closer to the centre of the chest, is an essential consideration in such cases


About how long should one wear this to get a fully balanced assemlage point? And after it has been fully balanced then is the result permanent?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ve never heard of it, what an interesting knowledge.

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I’m not Maitreya but I don’t think it’s permanent, it’s like doing a food detox, and the next day eating foods that harm your health, sooner or later you’ll have the same problems, you need to take care of your emotions and yourself otherwise probably the dot had gone out of place again.


PI had an assemblage point audio which was very good! One of the first energy products I felt undeniably. Can’t wait to try this one too.

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It has been deleted?

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Seems like it. He had one for men and one for women:

Assemblage Point - Heart Center Realignment (Men)

Might be still on his patreon, I don’t subscribe there any more.

I can still see it on YouTube…maybe it’s location restricted? Regardless, I agree with you Lucas, I’m looking forward to trying out this mandala from Maitreya.


I just checked and it’s there.

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I’ve been using this for 3 days. Wearing mostly non-stop. I had a couple of the events listed as something that could move the assemblage point and recovered slowly but never really felt like my old self since then.

Since wearing this, some of the old symptoms of one of those events have been coming back. I’m familiar with a “healing crisis” and how healing can sometimes walk you backwards through the symptoms to get you to where you were before the illness.

I’m going to take a little break from this one and probably pick it up again this weekend.


Interesting feedback @Atreides, thanks. I’ve been considering this mandala for some time now, still haven’t purchased yet. I did use the PI audio for this a while ago, but in my experience his products don’t have lasting results when you stop using them. I’m thinking this mandala from Maitreya programmed into my Mandala Manager would serve much better, and remain effective long-term.

I’d be interested to hear how it goes for you going forward, if you don’t mind.

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I’ll be glad to update. I don’t want to give the impression that what I experienced is typical rather I like putting it out there in case it matches anyone else’s and they might share what happened for them if they stuck through it whether they end up better than before they started or if things became too hard. I’m using the run on sentence mandala by NotMaitreya.

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Yay people talking about another one I’ve been interested in. I wish I has a better financial situation or I’d Guinea pig and post stuff more way more.

See this is interesting because a week ago while pondering my mom’s health situation and ways I can use fields to get the max effects in less time. (Cysts on a bunch of organs which not only is detrimental and potentially cancerous, especially the more time goes on, but it with some other factors are making her lymphatic system… not really able to lymphatic system good and thats going to really mess stuff up over time if I understand the human body enough to be correct about that.

Then out of nowhere I remembered these 2 mandalas exist, reread the description and it’s like…

She’s died for up to a couple or few minutes 3 times now, is 53 and for a number of other reasons I think this would go a long way to helping. I’m trying it either way in the next couple weeks or so and fairly confident I’m probably not wrong about most of what I’ve been thinking and said but wouldn’t mind anyone’s thoughts or agreement or whatever.

Plus when I get hers I’ll get the men’s for myself and that’ll be awesome because pretty sure I could use and benefit from this too