DM: 6 Sacral Points Activation

This field is designed to activate the energy points of life energy located around the sacral area. The human body has 8 main energy points, 6 of which are located in the sacral area, with one at the heart and one near the third eye in the head.

Using this field will activate the 6 main life energy points located in the pelvic area of the body. By using the field, the overall life energy and fire in the body will increase. Sexual energy, creativity, desires, and above all, the desire for life and movement will be heightened.

Various discomforts in the body can be resolved as well with the field since activating these points will cause more energy to flow from the first chakra up and will fill the 2 major channels-Ida and Pingala.

With the increase in energy throughout the system, improvements can be expected on an emotional and mental level, as well as an increase in the sensitivity and abilities of the individual.

Here are some more benefits:

Improved physical state: Activating the energy points can lead to better physical health by improving the flow of energy throughout the body. This can help to alleviate pain, improve digestion, and boost the immune system.

Enhanced spiritual connection: The activation of energy points can help to enhance one’s spiritual connection and facilitate deeper meditation and introspection.

Increased intuition: As the energy points are activated, one’s intuition and ability to connect with their inner guidance can be heightened.

Greater sense of balance: By balancing the energy flow throughout the body, individuals may experience a greater sense of balance in all areas of their life, including their emotions, thoughts, and relationships.

Increased creativity: With the activation of the sacral energy points, individuals may experience increased creativity and the ability to express themselves more freely.

Improved sexual energy and experience: The activation of the sacral energy points can lead to improved sexual function, energy, and desire.

Enhanced overall well-being: By increasing the flow of energy throughout the body, individuals may experience an overall improvement in their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


Please keep in mind that the information that is being given to you is not examined or approved by FDA nor it’s meant to diagnose or offer any medical advice, but the statements contain information that the listeners may use or not depending upon their choice. You are advised to always consult your General Practitioner or a reliable Hospital for any kind of urgent medical treatment or advice. This program is intended to provide a general health benefit and it falls under class I type. They are not meant to regulate any kind of medical or biological information as per FDA guidelines. This channel is just a source of information to you, and it does not provide any kind of diagnosis or treatment for medical conditions.


Hi, @Maitreya !
Just curiosity. How did you discover these points? I"ve done some research and didnt find anything about It.

I haven’t found any material on these points, but I haven’t searched for it either. I have discovered these points during meditations when working with people, and they are always in the same location. They are like the “mother and father” of all cells, transmitting information on how energy flows in the body. After activating them, I have had wonderful results for myself and for others.


This Mandala sounds very interesting since Maitreya herself highly recommended it.
Has anyone used it, to leave a review?

How long will the activation process take?
Is it necessary to wear the mandala constantly?

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Some people can notice a difference in a day to two, but for some, it might take a month or two of constant use. There is no hard rule. You can use boosters and resistance removals.

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