DM: Light Prism

This field creates an energy bubble, casting full light spectrum of all colors around you 24/7.

This field will infuse every cell of your physical body and your energy bodies with all the colors of light which is beneficial on all levels–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When the full spectrum of light of all colors penterates you it’s highly likely to get DNA activations, clearing of stuck energies and detoxification.

Different colors also help us develop spiritual virtues like wisdom, love, compassion, truthfulness, strength, etc.

It gives protection for low-vibrational entities and it attracts high vibrational beings who can help you and lead you on your right path.



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Yep i know how you felt when you saw it…


(this guy talks all day about pineal gland lmao)


There it is!
@Maitreya I now have my power source needed to create my fields and will be expanding in this concept.


So, would this be a replacement for the Chromotherapy field?


If you read the description you will see the difference.

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It seems to me that this Light Prism mandala does everything that the Chromotherapy audio does and more.


Yeah light prism has all light colors :hugs:

What refers to dna activations?

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Our DNA has been altered from the blueprint. Activations refer to restructuring of the current code to allow the original settings. Not only is there more strands but they have also suppressed the information within the current strands. Activation of DNA is a huge part of the awakening process in an atomic level.

Now if you are asking what specifically will be activated there is no telling. I am currently running some tests in this DM and should have data at some point.


Ok thanks, im curious with it

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I have a feeling there is more to it than she is telling or even has knowledge of. The concept is more profound being that there is a prism bubble around you. Essentially if my thoughts are correct it will enhance all energy you com in contact with and create a more efficient energy band that one can accept more readily than just one stream.

Light into prism creates spectrum…
Energy into prism creates spectrum!
Get it?


Mmmm… Can you elaborate defining spectrum?
In the mandala refers as variety

If you cast a light through a prism it creates a spectrum of colors on the other side. My thoughts are if you send energy through it let’s say from an audio it will create the same effect! Essentially allowing all tbe different levels of that energy to be experienced.


At any given time you may not accept the energy directly from the intent it was created but if it is spectral then you may receive the energy a different way than intended…


And if my theory is correct this should create way better results when listening to audio files or introducing energy to your system


@Nexus are you TBD? I was wondering where Mr. TBD is these days!!

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Yes Lucas. Same avatar image, same Top Contributor badge. :wink:


Yes I changed the name