DM: King's Presence

DM: King’s Presence

The King’s archetype mandala works on your inner world, giving you the full archetype with all its qualities. This one- ‘King’s presence’ works on how others perceive you and how they interact with you. It changes your energetic presence and attitude to bring up an appropriate reaction from others towards you.

It incorporates the presence of a king in your aura so other people begin to perceive you like a king and act accordingly.

The King has self-respect and charisma.

Others feel and express the utmost respect towards him.

He brings up awe in people.

They offer him their best service, product, and attitude.

The King is important to others and they listen to what he has to say with full attention.

The King is benevolent and responsible in his actions taking into account how his actions and decisions affect others.


Uploaded them in Gumroad.


I got both leadership gene, which also has the king’s archetype.
Would it be unnecessary to incorporate these together, would it enhance?

There is no need for that. You can actively work on this archetype by meditation with the mandala. This is the best way to boost any field.

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