DM: The King Archetype

DM: The King Archetype

He does not waste his energy and resources on sweating the small stuff instead he has learned and knows about the value of going with the flow. The King is often a leader for the younger generation, using the wisdom and skills he has gathered throughout his lifetime to teach others. He has earned him respect from others and they know his authority and appreciate the proper navigation of his power.

Moto: the power is the only thing

Desire: to gain full control

Purpose: to create a thriving and successful community to govern
Strategy: an exercise of power, authority, and control.
Weakness: too authoritarian, unable to delegate.

Talent: responsibility, leadership.

The ruler is also known as a boss, leader, aristocrat, king, queen, politician, manager.


I am torn between this one and King’s Presence lol

Not sure which one to get … :laughing:

To be clear, this would be a Negatively/Dark/Service-to-Self polarized King. A Positively/Light/Service-to-Others polarized King would not have these traits - he’d be the benevolent father, caring for & protecting those under his rule.

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