Archetype: The King

The Sovereign archetype is the King (or Queen in women). This archetype, in its most mature form, is the leader in our lives. He holds our sense of mission, purpose and vision. He leads others by example and is accepting, generous, just, clear and wise. A good expression, one that captures the essence of this sovereign energy within, is “the heart centred leader”.
Because sovereign energy is often the last to develop fully, your King may be an Elder. But whether he is or not, he still carries the wisdom of generations and an understanding of what needs to happen next. He is able to issue orders to the Warrior to get things done, and he knows he can seek the counsel of his Magician. He is softened in his way of being by the compassion and empathy of his Lover.
The main emotion of the King is joy. Joy about what is, backed by a knowing that everything is OK, just because it is. However, his knowing that everything is OK just the way it is (indeed, it could only be the way it is right now) also allows for an understanding that things may need to change in the future – and a determination that they will change.
So while the King’s energy is imbued with an acceptance of what is, he also knows that action may be required to ensure his intentions, wishes and vision are manifested in the future. And he knows he has the power and authority to bring those changes about.
Also, when action is needed to ensure the safety, prosperity and well-being of the Kingdom, he will decide on a course of action without fear or favour, and issue orders to his Warrior to take the necessary action.
A mature King is also wise. Part of his wisdom comes from having mourned his losses, and journeyed through his sadness and grief to a place of joy.
He embodies a certain quality of calmness which comes from his profound knowing that he is good enough. He has deep wisdom and the ability to bless. He blesses others for who they are and what they have to give. He rules with the consent of his citizens, who in turn bless him with their acceptance and trust in his reign.
And he brings balance and integration to his Kingdom, possibly embodying the energy of the Heart Centred (or “Servant“) Leader, but always working for the prosperity of the Kingdom, its fruitfulness, peace and harmony.
Additional descriptive words for the mature King include: benevolent, authentic, in integrity, caring, centered, humble, integrated, noble, royal, overseeing, visionary, sacrificial, self-assured, wise.


I got the Emperor card for this year. It’s like this was made for me. Thanks


I love them all . How do we know which one to listen to ?
Do they cancel each other out ?
Can wel listen to all ?

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Better to combo them.


@Maitreya Will you be making female archetypes audios also

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Now I know that the combo is the right thing.
Are we getting the rest of the 12 Archetypes (The Hero, The Creator etc.)? That would be amazing!!!

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Thanks for all the Archetypes you’ve publicly uploaded! I know in my heart that they will help many people to be better and sow a better environment for everyone.


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You can likely achieve this with tools that already exist. For example, use:

This not only increases the power of the audio, but it also lowers your resistance to the energy, so it’s double effective.


Yeah, working on them!

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Does this alter your character permanently or is it just a few hours boost ?


Perma I think


Best to listen them apart. Or can we bundle them and play simultaniously?

And how many times should we play each file to be pernanently installed in our subconscious mind?


You can play them simultaneously to get what you need most of them or focus on one for a while. It’s up to you what kind of changes you desire. You can ask your Higher Self to bring the best for you from all of them.

Personally, I think it’s better to do it one by one. It’s faster. Once you absorb what you want from The King, you can move to the Lover, again with intention, and once it soaked in, to another archetype.

2-3 times a day should be enough.

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