DM: Integrate Consciousness Alters

This field has been created to resolve the consciousness split and heal and integrate consciousness alters caused by severe trauma, sexual abuse, torture and rituals done by various cults in this lifetime or past lives. Alter creation and splitting of consciousness is done by alien races and secret societies with the purpose of controlling and using the person for their own goals. Through trauma and sexual abuse they can split one’s consciousness and integrate beliefs that serve their agenda but are harmful to the person. By using certain colors, sounds, images, keywords, etc, the person is triggered to do something and is not able to control themselves or refuse, nor do they remember what they’ve done. The purpose of this field is to heal and reset the consciousness so that the installed control is removed, and the alters are integrated and healed.



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Could you imagine thinking you are completely fine and using this just because it sounds cool and then finding out all your conscious memories are only from a fraction of yourself?

I can’t help but wonder if it could help even those without full blown alters. Maybe some of us have semi alters or pseudo alters from past abuse though not as extreme as could be.


How would someone know he needs it? I may need it but I don’t want to throw with money.
Can someone help? Did someone try?

You will feel it in your gut if that is something you need to work on.
If you are wondering - it’s not for you.

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Ok, thank you very much for the answer. Much appreciated.

Anyone with updates regarding this…?

I seemingly have been affected by this kind of thing since I was very young. I used to think that it was purely my own lack of willpower that lead to me not being about to resist some urges but now I kind of recognise that some parts of my consciousness have been altered or damaged simply from the really negative and nefarious content that I was exposed to while younger. Tempted to try this mandela but I feel like I’ve used so many mandelas that buying another one seems pointless. E.g. What is the final point at which my old problems just go away?

I’ve had this experience. In the past I was really reticient to talk about it since I just chalked it up to lack of willpower and sheer grit to stop. But then I realised that I had all these extremely nefarious impressions within me, that were affecting me even though I had tried to stop viewing certain content for many years. To top it off, people around me were mocking me because they saw the tip of the iceberg in terms of the root cause of the issue. And my friends started looking and judging me as a monster when they actually saw what was going on internally, without actually doing anything constructive to point out the problem. Now I feel extremely alone and anti social. I’m not willing to put myself out there as much as I was. Not really trying to be “good” either since I don’t really want to help other people. Originally I thought it would be admireable to be of service but I just feel so torn up inside from recognising the actual brutality of humanity as well as my own actions in the past. Redemption seems like such a hard difficult path to walk.

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When a person makes many clearings in himself, in one moment he/she should put an endpoint in which he doesn’t need any more outside tools to participate fully in his life. Fields and all other techniques are made to lift the person and show him the power that he forgot he has. Unfortunately, I see in some people that they attach to those things even when they don’t need any more such help. I think in most cases this is related to a fear to take responsibility for your life, but it can be other reasons too. Another reason I have seen is that some people are getting stuck in this because they lack and search for a sense of belonging somewhere. This is a lot more healing for them than the fields. Both things are traumas and if someone recognizes himself in those words, he can put his attention there so he can deal with this once and for all.