DM: Alien Consciousness Trap Release

This field has been created to free those people who have fallen into an alien consciousness trap, were part of their consciousness and energy has been trapped and locked by an `alien/extra-dimensional race. The field will remove all energetic implants from alien civilizations. Removes vows and agreements with them and disconnects you from them completely.


thanks for that @Maitreya! good save! be blessed!


Dont psychically stop my heart rate but any chance inner resistance dissolver can be applied specifically for this? (not general inner resistance but for this field only)

Aliens especially the anunna can lure aspects of your consciousness/ego with fancy promises

like “you are our descendent, royal bloodline” etc

even if true somehow it will make your ego accept them and maybe block disconnection etc

Last whining from me

over and out :joy:

Also @Atreides get this


still issues :grin: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

they love you dont leave them like this royal blood :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I guess if one chooses to serve Annunaki because they are flattered that they are their descendants, than this is not a field for such a person. This is their free will and nobody can stop them from serving. I don’t think that inner resistance dissolver will help, because this is not resistance but a choice.

no i mean they can lie and your lower ego believes it and feels special etc

not just anunaki

anunnas specifically attack the higher state of self while fooling the lower aspects

So a method of forcefully making the field work would be actual free will.

then you know that YOU choose to use the field aka a higher state

they literally try blocking my hs connection lol

a field like this needs to bypass the lower ego states or subconscious comfort that some ets provide


i felt the field working on my shoulders and upper dan thien. to my surprise of course.

i used the field in the emmiter with the field optimizer mandala, the primer mandala and the om mandala and the dissolve enteties mandala.

today will be brave and try without the extra mandalas only with the optimizer and emitter.

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Whatever you call that part of the person that chooses to be flattered that they are supposedly of a royal bloodline, that is the person himself that chooses it. It’s their free will. One can’t say that only the good they do is real and of their free will. One has to take responsibility for both the good and the bad. You can’t say -‘oh it your lower self that wants to serve anunaki, so I am going to force you not to, because in fact your free will is not to’. No, no. The person has decided to serve on their own free will, it is not up to anybody to determine if that was higher or lower self or whatever. Nothing can bypass one’s decisions. We need to take full responsibility for our actions.

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That said, this does not mean that you can’t annul contracts that you’ve made. You absolutely can.

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You dont know anunna programming.

The lower self is just ego programming, its why WE (consciousness) use fields to change programming of the ego to fit our needs.

No different here

consider the anuna a field forced upon me and the ego accepts it cuz blablabla promises

but I as consciousness dont want it and they literally hijack my mind and keep only the aspect THEY want, active.

So free will is choosing to use this field.

With added force to bypass ANY resistance

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You are your ego. You can not claim that your lower impulses are not you. Nothing is forced upon you, you chose it. You want to be tied down to do good-ie force used against your free will applied by a field. That force you want is meant to defy YOU. Does not work that way. Free will is always accepted. Be it for good or bad.

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Does that mean the youtube version is useless? After all, if the contracts were not removed, the implants could always come back, or is this about specific situations?

This field is for a consciousness trap. This is not the same as implants or agreements. In extreme cases consciousness tap results in the person here losing his mind, developing mental illness, etc. This is also very very rare. It may happen to people who have started to develop their psychic skills but did not know what to expect and how to protect themselves and got trapped somewhere. If you have that you would know it or others around you would definitely know that something is very wrong with you.


How would I know if I need this or not?

Say this loudly in your mind or verbally …

I chose light over darkness… I chose god… I (your name) destroy all the agreement and vows with (name the entities group)… I am free do what I want… I reject all that coming from (entites group ) and dont want anything from (name the entities group) That’s my Freewill…

If you don’t know if you need it, than you don’t.


I guess I don’t need it then. Samurai.

Anyone want to share subjective experience of having used this?


This is great. If I buy. This one mandalas can replace several combinations of mandala, and it’s more accurate. I feel like I need it, don’t you?

Try asking fohat fire for help?

While I have not tried this field yet, I think this is an important field we all could benefit from. The layers of illusion are thick.

I still wonder what gave them the right to make these traps in the first place? My perceptual awareness is not wide enough yet to understand why the unconditional loving God would let them do this.

I can understand that out of all the illusions that they are but another reflection of us as we are of them.

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